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20 offbeatthings in Amritsar

20 Offbeat things to do in Amritsar

Amritsar, known to be the Cultural Capital of Punjab has a fair amount of things that you can experience during your visit. But strolling the lanes of the city and experiencing the culture of the city from the local’s point of view will just be a whole new add-on to your trip. The team of City On Pedals will take immense pride in telling world-class travelers like you about the different offbeat things that you can experience in Amritsar. But as we said earlier in our previous blogs, there are many facets to Amritsar city about which many people are […]
Hidden gems of Amritsar

10 Hidden Gems of Amritsar Every Traveler Must Visit

Just as many other tourists and travelers you might also be the one scrolling on the internet looking for the famous places to visit in Amritsar. Though you will get enough answers to your queries, but we assure you that the hidden gems about which we will be talking in this blog, you would not have been able to found out all by yourself. Amritsar, a historic city of Punjab also known as Ramdaspur in the name of Guru Ram Das Ji, 4th Guru of Sikhs has veiled many stories inside it in form of hidden architects in and around […]
Cover photo for Gurudwaras, Hindu Temples and Mosques

Touring the Gurdwaras, Temples, and Mosques of Amritsar

Amritsar, the city draped in the spirituality, rich heritage and glorious past is also the holiest city of Sikhs residing all over the globe. Religion or faith has no bar here. Even if you are an atheist still the sanctity of this holy city founded by 4th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Ram Das Ji will touch your heart. Hailed as the “Home of all Virtues” (Sifti Da Ghar), Amritsar has an amazing showcase of composite culture and secular heritage. Not just the Gurdwaras, Amritsar being a secular city has numerous number of Hindu temples and some Mosques here that makes […]
Blog cover photo for Punjabi Jutti

A60E19 – Punjabi Jutti | #Amritsar60

“Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.The well-famous quote goes very well with girls of Punjab. To flaunt in beautiful stilettos, ballerinas or shoes can be anyone’s forte but to walk in style with beautiful Punjabi Jutti can only be done by a true Punjabi mutiyaar – (a synonym for girls of Punjab). So today we are dedicating this episode of the series of Amritsar 60 in presenting to you the cultural footwear of Punjab which is Punjabi Jutti. What Is Punjabi Jutti An Urdu word for a shoe with a closed upper attached to […]
Municipal Printing Press

A60E16 – Municipal Printing Press | #Amritsar60

Talking about Amritsar and things one can surely visit and see are some of the historic In our episode 07 of Amritsar 60, we discussed in detail about one of the hidden gems of the city – the Ram Bagh Gate which boasts of its rich and affluent historic past, the magnificence of the architecture and the grandeur of the lives lived by emperors or kings of the land. Today, once again we are going to unfurl some of the chapters from our historic documents and takes you back to the memory lane from where the city has seen an […]
Phulkari Feature Image

A60E15 – Phulkari | #Amritsar60

“Phulkari Tere Sirr Di Shaan Ni Punjabane” The Pride of a Punjabi Women, the Floral Heritage of Punjab, synonymous to Punjab’s culture, Phulkari literally means a floral work where the entire cloth is filled with flowery embroidery. Yes, we have talked much of patriotism, religion, and food in our previous episodes of the Amritsar 60 series. So now is the time to make our world travelers familiar with the rich culture of the land and what would be the best to dedicate our first episode in this genre to the world-famous Phulkari. What Is Phulkari? Ideally, Phulkari means the shape […]
Hussainiwala Border

A60E14 – Hussainiwala Border | #Amritsar60

The land of five rivers – Punjab is bordered by Indian Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir to the north, the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh to the east, Haryana to the South, Rajasthan to the southwest and the Pakistani province of Punjab to the west. Today we are going to talk about its borders with Pakistan. The state of Punjab shares three main borders with Pakistan – the Wagah Border (near Amritsar); the Hussainiwala border (near Firozpur) and the Sulemanki border (near Fazilka). In our earlier episode 02 of Amritsar 60, we have discussed the Wagah Border and the […]
Quila Ahluwalia

A60E12 – Quila Ahluwalia | #Amritsar60

“Beauty is all around us. All we need to do is to look around.” Amritsar is one of the holiest cities in Punjab, a city that has preserved the rich heritage and culture of the state. Though the city is well famous for the much revered Golden Temple and Wagah Border along with various high-profile sights for its travelers, it certainly has few hidden gems that are forgotten and are ignored in the recent modern times. Among these is the Quila Ahluwalia that states an avid example of Punjab’s rich and glorious past and a fine example of its beautiful […]
Mata Lal Devi Mandir - Feature Image

A60E10 – Mata Lal Devi Mandir | #Amritsar60

Being an iconic city of temples and Gurdwaras, Amritsar also has many Gurus and saints that are revered as Gods and Goddesses and are believed to be the incarnation of some Superpower. Today in our series of Amritsar 60 we are going to unveil a similar story of a Female Saint – Mata Lal Devi Ji, who was so blessed with some magical powers that it is believed that she has a cure for all the problems. There is a famous temple in the city of Amritsar on Mata Ji’s name called Mata Lal Devi Temple. Let us unveil the […]
Cover photo for Pul Moran

A60E08 – Pul Moran | #Amritsar60

A land of diversity, a land of history and culture, a place which is known as the Cultural capital of Punjab, Amritsar held a very prominent place during the era of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1800-1840. Considered to be the Golden Era of Punjab in which Amritsar was fortified, there stands a historic site by the name of Pul Moran and yes, it is our next stop in the series of Amritsar 60. Popularly remembered as an excellent example of architecture, the place is also revered as a fascinating tale of love between a Maharaja and a commoner. History Behind […]
Cover photo for Ram Bagh Gate

A60E07 – Ram Bagh Gate | #Amritsar60

A city well-known for its culture, heritage, and cuisine has many hidden gems in its store that depicts the rich culture of Sikh religion. One such is the Ram Bagh Gate that serves as a perfect destination for our next episode in the series of Amritsar 60. The place is such that boasts about our affluent historic past and our glorious present. Due to the reconstruction of this place, it is attracting tourists on a wider scale. Let us take an initiative to make you all familiar with the grandeur of this place with our short episode on Ram Bagh […]
Durgiana Mandir

A60E05 – Durgiana Mandir | #Amritsar60

Amritsar – founded by the fourth Sikh Guru – Shree Guru Ram Dass Ji is also called “Ramdaspur”. Referred to as Holy City, it is believed to be the central point of Sikh faith with the most revered “Golden Temple”. Not only this, the city is famous for many Hindu temples as well some of which are regarded as age-old temples and are called Prachin Mandir. Being a city of many-splendors Holy versions, these temples have their own stories to tell. A city where the past has shaped the present and is remembered till date, we as a core team […]
Fabric printing

Ajrak – The Ancient Art Of Fabric Printing

Moving ahead in our series of Block printing, we have one of the most popular forms of painting the fabric which is very common in the Kutch region of Gujarat – Ajrak. It is basically a technique of block-printing textiles that is done using natural dyes, including indigo and madder. It is distinguished by its color- blue with red – and its complex geometric & floral patterns. Its name is derived from ‘azarak’, ‘blue’ and in Kutchi and Persian it means “keep it today”. Ajrak is a legacy of textiles. It is basically a complicated printing process that involves several […]
Block Printing in Rajasthan

Bagru – Rajasthan’s Block Printing Technique

We have given in detail about the Block printing and its technique in our initial blogs – Block Printing, History And Importance and the other blog is the Importance of Rajasthani Block Printing wherein we have given in detail about the oldest fabric printing method that still has its roots in India, China, and Japan. One such method is the Bagru technique of Block printing which is peculiar to the state of Rajasthan and uses some natural colors for curating the same. Indians were among the pioneers in the art of dyeing and printing with fast (natural) colors in the […]

60 Experiences, 60 Seconds – #Amritsar60

Typically called “Guru Ki Nagri” – Amritsar is a place which is blessed with many attractions like Golden Temple, Wagah Border, Jallianwala Bagh, and various other Temples and Gurdwaras. Being the classic city that represents the tradition, culture, and heritage of Punjab, Amritsar is well-renowned as a city that represents the true essence of the state. Be it through the festivals, the food, the places to visit or through the Village life but we make our guests well familiar with what the Golden City is all about. Since City On Pedals is one of the leading guides to this city, […]
Langoor Mela

Holi – The Festival Of Colors

India – a land of diverse religions and festivals, a land of many cultures and traditions, a place where each festival has a story to tell and a reason for its celebration. Similar is the festival of Holi which is enjoyed by people of all age-groups and signifies love and celebrations throughout. Popularly known as the Indian “Festival of Spring” – the festival signifies the arrival of spring season and end of winter. This signifies the season of the blossoming of love and a reason for many people to meet and greet their family members and friends. This festival brings […]

Guided Walking Tours Now In Varanasi

India – a land of diverse Culture & Heritage, Rituals and beliefs, of stories and facts, of beautiful hidden alleys and colorful markets, such a city that is inculcated with all these features is Varanasi – referred by many as Kashi Vishwanath Ki Nagri. Ruled by Mughals and Kings in the past, this Oldest city of India is now a hub of saints and sages and has a beautiful amalgamation of our religious past and a modern future. Considering the city has a stature of being the Oldest City of India, it is even one of the continuously inhabited cities […]

What Do Sikhs Wear And Why – The Story of 5 Ks

The Sikh religion was founded in Northern India in the fifteenth century by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and is the world’s fifth-largest religion with 25 million adherents worldwide. The religion believes in one God, equality, freedom of religion, and community service. Sikhs believe in three basic principles; meditating on the name of God (praying), earning a living by honest means as well as sharing the fruits of one’s labor with others. Sikhism rejects caste and class systems and emphasizes service to humanity. The universal nature of the Sikh way of life reaches out to people of all faiths and cultural […]

Importance Of Rajasthani Block Printing

In our last blog for Block printing, we have come to terms with what exactly is this technique about and we have also studied its history and Importance. Now here we will cover up this practice as an important souvenir from Jaipur – the city of Royals. In a small corner of northern India, generation after generation of families is keeping the art of Rajasthani block printing alive. Their main focus is on creating handmade, ethical designs with Indian artisans. Once the customers or guests get their heads around what’s involved – the intricacy, the skill, the handiwork of each […]

Block Printing – History And Importance

One of the oldest printing methods technique – Block Printing is a method of using a carved piece of wood or any other type of carved block like linoleum available in the market nowadays to imprint an image on paper or fabric. This is basically a stamp that you press onto paper, cloth or other material using ink. Block-printing can be done with wood, linoleum, rubber or various other materials, wood being the oldest medium of all. The reason why it is called the oldest printmaking method is due to the evidence of its existence in as early as the […]

Punjab’s Ultimate Festival Food Guide

Punjab, a city of Golden Temple along with various other Gurdwaras and Temples is well known for hosting various festivals in its own peculiar way. May it be Lohri, Baisakhi, Vasant Panchami, Navratri, Diwali or Bhai Dooj, every festival is celebrated with great zeal and zest in the city. A new excitement floods the city and its people in these colors of festivals. Since the city is famous as the Culinary Capital of Punjab, be it the Street Food, vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food, it occupies a special position when it comes to the season of festivities. Just like each […]

Fun Things To Do In Amritsar

Land of Golden Temple primarily and various other Gurudwaras and Temples, Amritsar is well known as a center for Sikh faith. Hailed as the “Home of all Virtues” (Sifti Da Ghar), the city is rightly called the “Mukut-Mani” (The Jewel of Crown) of Punjab. The true spirit of the city is found not only in its art & architecture, fairs & festivals, folk dances & stimulating music, traditional markets & lip-smacking cuisine but is also vibrantly visible in its gurudwaras & temples, tiraths & mosques. The places are recognized well by global travelers and have become one of the attractions […]

Lohri: The Harvest Festival Of India

One of the most commonly celebrated festivals in India, Lohri, is a way to mark the end of the winter season. It is a way of spreading the joy of seeing the sparkling pearls of Rabi crops amidst traditional folk songs, dance, and food. The main event includes making a huge bonfire which is symbolic of the homage to the Sun God for bringing in warmth. Observed a night before Makar Sankranti, this occasion involves a Puja Parikrama – going around the fire several times – with prasad. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show among farmers of […]

Ultimate Travelers Guide To Amritsar

Founded in the year 1577 by a Sikh Guru – Guru Ram Das Jee, Amritsar is home to the spectacular and world-famous Golden Temple. Due to this central Sikh shrine, the city has been given a Heritage stature due to which certain developments in and around Amritsar have taken place. To start from the graceful pedestrianized walkways to Golden Temple to reconstruction to developments of certain tourist attractions like Sadda Pind, Qila Gobindgarh Fort, War Memorial, etc. Besides this reconstruction, there are many other things related to this Holy City like its food, places to visit, hotels and last but […]
Off Beat Places In Amritsar

Offbeat Places To Visit In Amritsar

Amritsar – a city of Amrit Sarovar, a Holy city of Golden Temple is mostly preferred by tourists from around the world because of the plethora of attractions that the city offers. Being well connected to all the major cities of India via rail, air, and road, Amritsar can be visited round the year with October – December being the best time of travel to this city. Developed and maintained as a Heritage city, the place offers various sites to its guests, some being world-famous but some considered as offbeat places, basically, those that do not conform to social norms. […]
550th Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebration

550th Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebrations

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Baba Nanak or Nanak Shah – all are the names of the first of the Ten Gurus of Sikhs who is actually the founder of Sikh religion in the world. Sikhs believe that all subsequent Gurus possessed Guru Nanak’s divinity and religious authority. Considered as one of the august religious thinkers, his thoughts, views, and words have been cataloged in the form of 974 poetic hymns, which came to be known as “Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji” – the holy book of the Sikhs. Born in 1469 in the village of “Rai Bhoi di Talwandi” (now […]
Blog Featured Image - Diwali in Jaipur

Diwali In Jaipur

Diwali – the season of happiness, the month of lights, a series of lamps that glitter the buildings and roads, all this and much more happens in The Pink City during the biggest festival of India. Diwali typically means the festival of lights, a season that marks the beginning of the tourism season in Rajasthan, where probably people from all over the world visit here especially to see the lightening of the state. In Sanskrit, it means a series of Deepak (lamps). The city of Jaipur is decked up with lights to attract visitors from around the world. The main […]
Blog Featured Image - Off Beat places for Jaipur

Offbeat Places To Visit In Jaipur

The Royal city of Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and tradition, magnificent art and artifacts, and brilliant past. Various forts and monuments aren’t the only attractions of this Pink City, the intricate handicraft items and exquisite jewelry also catch the eyeballs of tourists. Jaipur is a magical city bursting with life, history and awe-inspiring architecture, lakes, sand dunes, and various markets. But there is much more to this city, most of which are not much explored and commercialized. Renowned by UNESCO, the city is a host to two Heritage sites, but from the point of concern of World […]
Blog Featured Image - Spend a Morning in Jaipur

How To Spend A Morning In Jaipur

A historical yet charismatic city that provides a range of unique and fascinating activities and attractions of the city for its tourists from around the world, Jaipur is a treat for World Tourism. For travel enthusiasts, there are a lot many places to visit in this Pink City like palaces, forts, and temples which can leave anybody spellbound. The city gives a plethora of places to visit which probably takes around a minimum of 4-5 days time to explore the city perfectly. Now the question is how and where to start from? Well, to answer this question, we from City […]
Blog Featured Image - Things todo with corporate groups in Amritsar

Things To Do With Your Corporate Team In Amritsar

After completing a hard week at work, meeting deadlines, long hours of meeting, a break is a must for the one who is working in 9 to 5 jobs. Following such a monotonous schedule, life at times appears dull and requires a change! And in order to bring in the change, a corporate outing will always prove to be the ideal way of encouraging the team members and boosts them up. It is like breaking the ice between the associates and bringing them together along with their families and get to know them more by taking them to a corporate […]
Blog Featured Image of Amritsar Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Your First Trip To Amritsar

Planning a short trip to Amritsar and want to make the most of your holiday? Well, you are on the right page. We at City On Pedals make sure that our guests to our Holy city should be fully contented and satisfied with their tours. At various times, people ask us what are the key places that will make our trip most fun-loving and knowledgeable at the same time.  To guide them further on this point we have formulated a perfect itinerary – can be called a cheat sheet to take a 360-degree view of the city, its history, world-famous […]
Blog Featured Image of Jaipur Lesser Known Places

5 Lesser-Known Travel Places In Jaipur

The royal city of Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and tradition, magnificent art and artifacts, and brilliant past. Various forts and monuments aren’t the only attractions of this pink city, the intricate handicraft items and exquisite jewelry also catch the eyeballs of tourists. Jaipur is a magical city bursting with life, history and awe-inspiring architecture, lakes, sand dunes, various markets. But there is much more to this city, most of which are not much explored and commercialized.  But from a tourist point of concern, these places are a must-visit as there dwell some interesting facts which need to […]
Blog Featured Image - Diwali

Diwali: India’s Biggest Festival

The warmth of families & friends, homes filled with the sweet smell of delightful sweets, candlelights, earthen lamps, and the chill of the upcoming winter season, that’s how we’d like to paint a perfect picture of Diwali celebration in India. Diwali—the “festival of lights” is the biggest festival in India, mainly celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains around the world. Commemorating the victory of good over evil and knowledge over ignorance, it is also an opportunity for people to move on, let go of the past grudges, and make merry. There is an interesting phase of history connected to this […]
5 Relevant Souvenirs To Buy From Amritsar

5 Relevant Souvenirs To Buy From Amritsar

With its proud past, glorious present and a promising future, Amritsar has a dazzling showcase of composite culture and secular heritage. Amritsar is not just bhangra or Giddha, Sarson ka saag and Makki ki Roti, it is an attitude and a way of life, despite the modern winds blowing, the city still enshrines and exudes its essential cultural identity. There is some uniqueness in the Amritsari products. Be it Parandi, Phulkari, Jutti or the famous Papad Warian – (Dry Papad Snacks). Most of the tourist who comes to Amritsar, want to shop for these amazing things as a Souvenir of […]
Blog Featured Image - City On Pedals In Jaipur

Guided Walking Tours Now In Jaipur

India – a land of rich Culture & Heritage, of stories and facts, of Mughals and Emperors, of beauty and heroism, of big monuments and accessible markets. Such a city that is inculcated with all these features is Jaipur. Ruled by Rajputs in the past, this Capital City of Rajasthan has a beautiful amalgamation of our Royal past and a modern future. If we talk about our Indian History, Jaipur is sure to hold an important place. Being home to grand forts, temples, palaces, and museums, Jaipur is also home to various local handicraft bazaars and famous street food. Regarded […]
Blog Featured Image - Hindu Temples

5 Famous Hindu Temples In Amritsar

Amritsar – one of the Heritage cities chosen by HRIDAY – Heritage City Development & Augmentation Yojana Scheme of Government of India today, was actually founded by fourth Sikh Guru – Shree Guru Ram Dass Ji and is also called “Ramdaspur”. Also referred to as Holy City, it is believed to be the central point of Sikh faith with the most revered “Golden Temple” arguably called the “World Headquarters for Sikhism”. Being an attractive destination for World Tourism, the place has many historic sites that have gone through the beautification and renovation process under the HRIDAY scheme with Heritage Walk […]
Langar Seva

Langar Seva: A Self-less Service Towards Mankind

As a symbol of Equality and a move towards innovative charity programs for people belonging to all castes, creed, color, status, religion and social status, a Free Food Seva was started by the First Guru of Sikhs – Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This particularly means of serving Free Food in Gurudwaras to teach everyone a virtue of sitting and eating with the community besides providing a welcome, secure and protected sanctuary to all. This is mainly to initiate the idea of “The Light of God is in all Hearts”. “Langar” means “Free Food for All”. The place where it is […]
Punjabi Fashion

Punjabi Fashion: Shop like a local

Punjab – The Land of Five Rivers (“Panj” means “Five” and “Ab” means “Water”) has a rich culture and tradition that defines the serenity of the land. Distinguished and popular across the globe, the state has a unique, colorful and extravagant culture to offer to the world. Apart from the food and hospitality of the people here, another aspect that attracts people around the globe are the colorful and fancy clothes of Punjabis. Like the culture of Punjab is exuberant, so are the dresses of the land and the colors depicted in it. Punjab contains one of the oldest and […]
Blog cover Khalsa College

Khalsa College: A part of Our Rich Heritage

A focal point of Sikh faith, a pivot of Punjab politics, a nursery of defense pool, an alert sentinel at the Indo-Pak border, Amritsar is the place where the first Sikh Army was raised by the sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Ji. With its proud past, glorious present and a promising future, Amritsar has a dazzling showcase of composite culture and secular heritage. Amritsar is not just bhangra or Giddha, Sarson ka saag and Makki ki Roti, it is an attitude and a way of life, despite the modern winds blowing, the city still enshrines and exudes its essential cultural identity. […]

Mata Lal Devi Temple in Amritsar

Being an iconic city that represents the true essence of Punjab, Amritsar is also home to numerous temples and gurudwaras that are grand, eclectic and spiritually uplifting. Although it is the holiest city for Sikh pilgrims travelers of all faith and interests visit this beautiful place in Punjab. Amritsar today is a thriving city with active trade and tourism industries. The tourist is very active these days due to the recent developments taken place under the HRIDAY project in the city. Various historical and religious places are attracting the tourist due to the beautification and the renovation work done in […]
Blog Featured Image - 5-lesser-known-things

5 Lesser-Known Travel Places in Amritsar

Hailed as the “Home of all Virtues” (Sifti Da Ghar), Amritsar has a dazzling showcase of composite culture and secular heritage. With a proud past, a glorious present and a promising future, the city are rightly called the “Mukut-Mani” (The Jewel of Crown) of Punjab. A focal point of Sikh faith, a pivot of Punjab politics, a nursery of defense pool and an alert sentinel at the Indo-Pak border, it is a city that is like a diamond with many facets. The true spirit of the city is found not only in its art & architecture, fairs & festivals, folk […]

Navratri: Festival And 5 Popular Food Items

The Holy City is preparing, as Navratri is around the corner with 9 days of festivities beginning at the end of this month. The fast will begin in India on 29th September 2019 and will go on till 7th October 2019. Endowed with a great significance, it is one of the festivals of the Hindu tradition that is celebrated twice in a year, with great fanfare. “Nava”- meaning ‘Nine’ and “Ratri”- meaning ‘Night’, this literally means the Nine Nights of Divinity. These nine nights and days are dedicated to worshipping Goddess Durga’s nine divine forms. Apart from showering offerings to […]
Cover Comunity kitchen

Exploring The World’s Biggest Community Kitchen Inside The Golden Temple

Located in the city of Amritsar, Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as Darbar Sahib is one of the prominent pilgrimage sites of Sikhism. Arguably referred to as the World Headquarter for Sikhism, the place attracts many tourists from around the globe. Apart from being the central religious place of the Sikhs, it is also a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. Everybody, irrespective of caste, creed or race can seek spiritual solace and religious fulfillment without any hindrance. It also represents the distinct identity, glory, and heritage of the Sikhs. About Sri Harmandir Sahib Built at a level lower than […]
Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Facts And A Century Later

Vaisakhi is observed as a mark of the new year in Sikh culture and the beginning of the harvest season. Although the freshness of the festivity and happiness is all around on this day, it has also a blood spot marked to its name for the year 1919 in the saga of India’s independence from the British Empire. As they said, “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it“, but the fight for independence was never so easy as it may now seem. Thousands of Bravehearts have given their lives so we can breathe in the air of independent […]

Vaisakhi – A festival that will make Amritsar on your travel wishlist for 2019

The granary of India supplying surplus food grain to the whole country, where most of the land is devoted to the agricultural activities. Also as a part of the interesting fact, Punjab has agriculture and cultivation in its name itself. The British state of Punjab before the time of India’s independence had five rivers (Jehlum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Indus and Satluj) flowing through it, which marked its name as Punj(five) + Aab(waters) and making it one of the most fertile lands for the agriculture in the world. As going through agriculture, one of the most prominent festivals for farmers of […]
Pul Kanjari banner

Pul Kanjari – A Forgotten Historic Site in Amritsar

Amritsar held a very prominent place during the era of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1800-1840. Considered to be the Golden Era of Punjab in which Amritsar was fortified, he also used to travel to Lahore frequently and due to that, some places rose to prominence along his way. One of the most historically prominent places and a marvel of architecture near Amritsar, also used as a rest house by the king was Pul Kanjari. History Points of Interest How to reach Pul Kanjari One the very few places that have been left in its historic form and well preserved, it […]