Our Mission

City On Pedals is in People’s Business. We believe in doing things differently, keeping People at the core of our Everything. We consider ourselves as partners with our customers, team members, society and our environment. We provide the finest quality services which make our partners marvel at every interaction with us.
We are also passionate about experienced focused eco-tourism and believe that this will help bring the next wave of socio-economic growth & cohesiveness in our city. We provide experiences worth lifetime over bicycle & walking tours to world travelers.

Our Team

We are a team of nearly 8 young enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds who have one thing in common: We all have a narcissistic lean towards what Amritsar has to offer as the travelers’ checkpoint. The team is led by Rishabh Mahajan, who was brought up in Amritsar and has lived and worked in Japan and Singapore for the better part of the last decade. He has wanted to bring something new to the forefront of Amritsar. Rishabh is also the co-founder of Statusbrew, a Social Media Marketing Platform, SAAS startup based out of Amritsar. With our experience from Statusbrew, we got the know-how of how digital-marketing, social-media work hand in hand and we now had the tools and bandwidth to bring tourism into the fold using the experience.

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