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Our Mission

Explore India Differently

City On Pedals is in People’s Business. We believe in doing things differently, keeping People at the core of our Everything. We consider ourselves as partners with our customers, team members, society and our environment. We provide the finest quality services which make our partners marvel at every interaction with us.

We are also passionate about experienced focused eco-tourism and believe that this will help bring the next wave of socio-economic growth & cohesiveness in our city. We provide experiences worth lifetime over bicycle & walking tours to world travelers.

Why City On Pedals?

We help our guests to connect to the city at a scale

City On Pedals is a vision of presenting the cities beyond their culture, heritage, and history to our revered guests. We’ve always aimed to do things a little differently at COP. Since the early days, we’ve had a focus on building one of the most unique and fulfilling associations with our travelers from around the world apart from making them aware of the cities we are in.

Spreading our wings in the Vintage cities of India we give an altogether different experience to our world travelers to explore the diverse culture, heritage, and the traditions covering the food items and many more places of attractions through our slow-paced, well-guided tours under the avid surveillance of our well-informed and knowledgeable tour guides.
Connecting with our treasured guests is just a beginning. We firmly believe in building a community for spreading cultural diaspora where an exchange of views and traditions at a scale can happen.

Our Team

We are a team of nearly 8 young enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds with one thing in common - love for our city and its tradition with a zeal to showcase it to the world around. Each young mind is sharing its experience and knowledge of the field to bring tourism into the four-folds of the city by giving them an experience of a lifetime. Be it the digital-marketing, social-media networking or a vis-a-vis networking with our revered guests, we are there for all.

This dynamic team is headed by Mr. Rishabh Mahajan, a city dweller who has lived and worked in Japan and Singapore for the most part of the last decade. He is also the co-founder of Statusbrew, a Social Media Marketing Platform, SAAS startup based out of Amritsar. With an urge to bring something new to the forefront of Amritsar, he has put in all his learning and knowledge to this project by inculcating the same ideas in his team members

With a vision of redefining tourism in India, this eco-friendly project will be one of its kind in Amritsar. We are a group of passionate people ranging from introverts to outspoken individuals and we are working in harmony to unravel the best in Amritsar and bring it to you in the most unique and vibrant way. We have well-versed tour guides, travel bloggers and digital nomads as our vivacious team members who share the same interest in this project and strive to refine our daily work.

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