Amritsar Street Food Bicycle Tour

Allow us to reveal the secret culinary activities of the locals and present to you the most diverse food menu ever offered in Amritsar with our well balanced and curated food trail. Taste some of the finest Amritsar food from street vendors and dhabas who have been feeding the locals for generations and are hidden in off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods away from the tourist crowds. Take in the spectacular night view of the bustling street food corners while pedaling through the traffic and small alleys as we seek for the real authentic Amritsar cuisine. Keep your stomach and camera memory empty for the delicious food to fill them up.

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A glimpse of the excitement on our tour

  • Aam Papad platter
  • How to make Roasted Momos
  • Pakode
  • Panj Pani wale Gol Gappe
  • Roasted Momos during the Amritsar Street Food Bicycle Tour
  • Tasting the various Aam Papad versions at Ram Lubhaya
  • Sugar dripping from Jalebi at Sharma Sweets
  • Daal Fry and lacche Pranthe


  • Food full of sugar
  • Food full of spices
  • Food full of butter or desi ghee, sometimes deep fried
  • Food that tastes so good
  • Food that's supposed to be healthy, but then it reached Amritsar


  • English speaking guide as tour leader
  • Quality bicycles and required safety gears - vest and helmet
  • Local street food tasting
  • Surprise dinner at a dhaba
  • Sharing of pictures taken by tour leaders
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 5%

What to expect

We will meet at the common assembly point at City On Pedals Backpackers Hostel in Rani Ka Bagh from 10 min before the start time. We will start our tour once all the guests have joined. After basic instructions and introduction from our tour leader, we will start the bike ride and go off to explore the street food of Amritsar, like a local.

We will ride on one of the poshest roads of the city for a while which will lead us to one of the best street food areas in the city. We will start our flavorful journey with our first food item called Pakoras at one of the most famous pakora shops. It’s made of deep-frying batter-coated vegetables served with spicy and sweet sauce or chutney.

From there, we will go to our next stop that serves Roasted Momos (Tibetian dumplings) and Veg Soya Chaamp. Momos have been adopted by the locals by giving it our own twist - barbequed with special spice marinade. Veg Soya Chaamp, made out of soy extract, is also roasted and mixed with cream and a mix of sauces. Roasted Momos and Soya Chaamp are a few of the most popular street food items of pop-culture Amritsar locals.

Moving on, we will ride to a very famous and locally loved shop that serves a childhood favorite Indian street food item called Aam Papad. This food item is made from pure mango pulp and flavored with a mix of Indian spices. This street food shop has been in business for the past three generations and the owners are very lively!

Riding through the main market, we will go to our next stop for a traditional Punjabi dinner at an Amritsari Dhaba. The traditional Punjabi Thali that we will devor would consist of the Maa-ki-Dal which is poured into a steel cup filled Desi Ghee and minced onions raised to a lava-like temperature and is served with a special traditional layered bread called Lachha Parantha which is baked in clay oven and a unique variety of pickle usually found only at a place like this.

Before ending our journey, we will make our last stop at a traditional dessert shop. We will eat two of the most delicious and mouthwatering sweets, which are arguably incomparable to anything in the whole world - Gulab Jamun and Jalebi. Our street food tour would have been incomplete without adding these delicacies.

After an ungodly amount of feasting, we will ride back to our bicycle garage point and bid farewell to our fellow foodies while we take some of the last tour pictures and share memories.

Rickshaw option

A bicycle rickshaw (max 2 participants) or an e-rickshaw (max 4 participants) with a puller can be arranged on request at an additional price of ₹ 650 per rickshaw.
Please note that this may slow down the whole tour.
Groups with children below age 12 would not be allowed to ride a bicycle and would have to opt-in for the rickshaw.

Private/Custom tour option

This tour is also available for reservation as a private or custom tour over bicycles or rickshaws or a combination of both with a similar or modified itinerary, desired start time and duration.


We take safety seriously. Our quality bicycles are regularly checked, well-maintained, comfortable and carefully chosen for riding in Amritsar. Our tried and tested routes are designed to avoid high-traffic lanes and our tour moves at a comfortable pace so that everyone can enjoy the whole experience.


Guest must be able to ride a bicycle. No training is provided except how to control brakes & gears.

Clothes and accessories

It is recommended to wear comfortable t-shirts, pants, and shoes. Clothes covering full arms and legs are recommended as they are mandatory to enter some of the religious places. During winters, it is also recommended to carry a warm jacket and hand gloves.

Avoid bringing heavy backpacks, camera bags, expensive clothes, and accessories on this tour. Avoid slippers or sandals and loose outfits which may be unsuitable for riding a bicycle.

Important Information

You must arrange your transportation to the assemble/starting place of the tour. We highly recommend using OLA or Uber as they are more reliable than the regular taxis and have a fair pricing system. In case you are far from the city center, you may want to ask your hotel/host to help you arrange transportation to the assemble/starting place of the tour. We can also help in arranging the transportation but we also mostly rely on OLA for the pickup.

It is important to contact your tour leader at least a day before the tour to make it easy for them to share important updates or changes
  • It is important to contact (call or WhatsApp) your tour leader 5 min before the tour starts if you cannot locate the assemble place. If in case you are going to be late to reach the assemble place, please contact your tour leader immediately
  • Please check the assemble place of your tour carefully. Some of our tours do not start at our hostel. In case you are staying at the hostel, you must gather in the common area at least 20 min before the tour starts so that we can arrange the transportation to the assemble place
  • Please be informed that since some of the tours don’t start from our hostel or may have external dependencies such as cab vendors, there may arise the chances of the tour starting late. We usually take a buffer of 15 minutes and catch up for the loss of time in such cases during the tour
  • Tours in other languages may be offered upon request
Other Information
  • Adult pricing applies to all travelers
  • Recommended not to bring anything heavy with you for a smoother and enjoyable tour. However, you may bring your phones, pocket cameras and some money (in case you would like to buy something on the way)
  • Recommended to leave all other personal belongings at your current place of stay
  • Operates in all weather conditions except rains. If canceled due to poor weather, you will be given the option of an alternative date or full refund
  • Please note that the street food and meals may not conform to recommended national or international standards of hygiene
  • Please advise any specific requirements at the time of booking. eg, allergies in food items, etc.
  • Recommended to use the toilets before joining for the tour
  • Required to accept the conditions mentioned in the WAIVER AND RELEASE OF CLAIM page
Also known as
  • Amritsar Food Tour
  • Amritsar Street Food Tour
  • Amritsar Culinary Tour
  • Big Fat Indian Wedding On Pedals Tour
  • Amritsar Bicycle Street Food Tour
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The Amritsar Street Food Bicycle Tour is designed to complement the Amritsar Wagah Border Tour, which offers a whole new way to get familiar with the border ceremony and sighting historical monuments, somehow lost and have become unknown. After the intense border ceremony experience, it will be a perfect opportunity to give into the amazing local food items and fill yourself up.

All our tours are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. City On Pedals does not assume any responsibility for accidents that are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants have to agree to the terms mentioned in our WAIVER AND RELEASE OF CLAIMS page before undertaking all trips which means that they realize that all activities carry an inherent risk.