Review Charming Chicken

Place Review: Charming Chicken

Well thinking about visiting Amritsar and not thinking about tasting the authentic savory delights will be unjust to your taste buds. Amritsar known to be a hub of scrumptious meals has a never-ending list of delicacies that your taste buds will always want to experience. Though in this list of savors, non-vegetarian dishes are always in the limelight. Number of shops serving with delicious varieties of non-vegetarian cuisine are scattered all around the city, but a few are there for which you always fall. In this blog, we are going to review one such joint which has been making every […]
20 offbeatthings in Amritsar

20 Offbeat things to do in Amritsar

Amritsar, known to be the Cultural Capital of Punjab has a fair amount of things that you can experience during your visit. But strolling the lanes of the city and experiencing the culture of the city from the local’s point of view will just be a whole new add-on to your trip. The team of City On Pedals will take immense pride in telling world-class travelers like you about the different offbeat things that you can experience in Amritsar. But as we said earlier in our previous blogs, there are many facets to Amritsar city about which many people are […]
Hidden gems of Amritsar

10 Hidden Gems of Amritsar Every Traveler Must Visit

Just as many other tourists and travelers you might also be the one scrolling on the internet looking for the famous places to visit in Amritsar. Though you will get enough answers to your queries, but we assure you that the hidden gems about which we will be talking in this blog, you would not have been able to found out all by yourself. Amritsar, a historic city of Punjab also known as Ramdaspur in the name of Guru Ram Das Ji, 4th Guru of Sikhs has veiled many stories inside it in form of hidden architects in and around […]
Cover photo for Gurudwaras, Hindu Temples and Mosques

Touring the Gurdwaras, Temples, and Mosques of Amritsar

Amritsar, the city draped in the spirituality, rich heritage and glorious past is also the holiest city of Sikhs residing all over the globe. Religion or faith has no bar here. Even if you are an atheist still the sanctity of this holy city founded by 4th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Ram Das Ji will touch your heart. Hailed as the “Home of all Virtues” (Sifti Da Ghar), Amritsar has an amazing showcase of composite culture and secular heritage. Not just the Gurdwaras, Amritsar being a secular city has numerous number of Hindu temples and some Mosques here that makes […]
Blog cover for Jalebi

A60E20 – Jalebi (Amritsari Sweets) | #Amritsar60

Punjab – being a dwelling place to people with different religions and cultures, you will find that the choices in their tastes are not different at all. It doesn’t matter from which city, town or village of Punjab you reside in, their common love for cultural Punjabi cuisine automatically comes to light as soon as they get in touch with any. So here we are again, bringing you with another juicy sweet-flavored episode of our Amritsar 60 series. You have always read that sweet dishes are the conclusion to your meal, but here in Punjab, sweet dishes don’t need any […]
Aam Papad - Feature Image

A60E17 – Aam Papad | #Amritsar60

Do you know what is better than just traveling? When you get to try food specialties of that place while your travel is the best thing that can happen to you. As they say, “While traveling in itself is an intoxication, traveling for delectable food is an unstoppable desire.” So taking care of this desire of world-class travelers like you, we have been bringing you each new experience every day in our Amritsar 60 series. It doesn’t matter from where you are and what your taste buds love, this leathery sweet piquant item will become one of your favorite quick […]
Amritsari Nutri Kulcha

A60E13 – Nutri Kulcha | #Amritsar60

The city, known for its spiritualness and glorious past will not let you down with its delicacies too. The true spirit of the city is found not only in its art & architecture, religious places & festivals but also in its tempting cuisine. After discussing Soya Chaap, which was our sixth episode of the Amritsar 60 series, we now bring you another spicy and tangy dish made out of soybean nuggets that is Nutri. Served with bread kulchas and chopped radish marinated in chutney makes it a complete meal in itself. To give the bread kulchas a spicy texture and […]
Amritsari Bhature Chole

A60E11 – Bhature Chole | #Amritsar60

When in Punjab, talk to the locals and you will only get to listen about food from them. It seems that a family won’t enjoy a happy weekend if they will not get a proper heavy Punjabi meal. Then what is more satisfying than filling your early hunger with one of the other traditional breakfast meals of Punjab? With our Amritsar 60 series, we have been bringing you 60 must things that you shall experience in the city. Now is the time to get you familiar with another traditional breakfast of Amritsar other than Aloo Kulcha that is Bhature Chole. […]
Papdi Chaat in Amritsar

A60E09 – Papdi Chaat | #Amritsar60

A delicious meal can add that extra zeal to your day, Don’t you agree? As we have talked about some delicious street food items as well as meals in our previous episodes of #Amritsar60 series. We have now come up with an inviting street food item which is very popular among North Indians that is Papdi Chaat. The snack is assorted with a crunchy base of crispy Papdi with delectable varieties of chutney over it which is always a delight to the taste buds. Who doesn’t want to have sweet, tangy and spicy at the same time? If you want […]
blog cover for Soya Chaap

A60E06 – Soya Chaap | #Amritsar60

We often have heard of this famous saying, ” There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” which is literally a truth. Visiting Amritsar and not trying out the luscious taste of the street food items here will be a just a major missout from your side. It may be early mornings or late nights, the city has a variety of succulent items to consume around the clock which you can experience with our street food tour. If you are looking for something flavorsome and nutritious at the same time then you are in the right place. Soya […]
cover for Papad Warian blog

A60E04 – Papad Warian | #Amritsar60

As you have already got yourself familiar with Aloo Kulcha & Lassi which were the first two food items discussed by us in the  Amritsar60 series. We now bring you the two more peppery specialties of the so-called “Sifti da Ghar”. If you call Kerala, the “Land of Spices” then you shall also know that Amritsar, the iconic city of Punjab is the home to the various piquant food items. Before visiting Amritsar you should certainly put up a reminder as you can’t afford to miss out on experiencing the famous Papadan Warian Wala Bazaar where you will find the […]