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Amritsari Bhature Chole

When in Punjab, talk to the locals and you will only get to listen about food from them. It seems that a family won’t enjoy a happy weekend if they will not get a proper heavy Punjabi meal. Then what is more satisfying than filling your early hunger with one of the other traditional breakfast meals of Punjab?

Bhature Chole
Bhature Chole

With our Amritsar 60 series, we have been bringing you 60 must things that you shall experience in the city. Now is the time to get you familiar with another traditional breakfast of Amritsar other than Aloo Kulcha that is Bhature Chole.

Bhature here signifies the fried leavened flatbreads and Chole depicts spicy curry made with white chickpeas. The soft fluffy Bhaturas are served with spicy chickpeas escorted by chopped onions marinated in chutney or sometimes with pickles. Relished by all, this meal can be cooked easily at home.

hot fluffy bhatura
A hot fluffy Bhatura

How to prepare Bhature Chole

Recipe for Chole (Curry of white chickpeas)

The secret of the whole taste of this meal lies in the recipe of Chole. Softer they are more the taste they will deliver. Let’s learn about the art of making rustic chole:

  1. To make them soft and fluffy soak the white chickpeas in the water for about 6-7 hours
  2. Add them in cooker and add water to it and to make them cook quickly you can also add baking soda to it
  3. Keep a check whether they are boiled properly or not before raining the water.
  4. Now comes the part when you have to add the ingredients to it. Blend chopped onions, tomatoes, garlic, ginger and green chilly in a mixer grinder till it turns into a paste.
  5. Keep the other ingredients ready to prepare a tempting gravy of Chole
  6. Put spoons of oil in the pan and add spices to it like Channa masala, red chili, salt, and cumin seeds
  7. Get them fried and add the masala paste in it. Keep rinsing it while it is sauteing. To give it an appetizing taste, add the powder of dry spices to it in the required quantity.
  8. Put the main ingredient that is chickpeas to it and mix it in the paste and add water to it for preparing the gravy.
  9. Check the seasoning and add more salt or spice powders if required. Garnish chole masala with coriander leaves & here it is ready to be served.
Bhature Chole with chutney
Bhature Chole served with chutney and chopped onions

Steps for preparing Bhature

Bhature – A bigger and heavy version of Poori is quite famous as morning bread with Chole. But how can Punjabis be identical to others? In Amritsar, you will find the locals eating Bhature Chole irrespective of the time. This shows how foodie the Punjabis are. Want to know how they are prepared? Let’s take a sneak peek into the recipe notes for making a Bhatura.

  1. Maida is used as the main ingredient for preparing the dough. Add sugar, salt, & baking soda, mix it properly with the Maida.
  2. Curd is added to the mix and kneading is followed after this
  3. Grease the kneaded dough with oil and cover it with a wet cloth for an hour or two
  4. Get the oil in the deep frying pan sufficiently hot for preparing a Bhatura
  5. Get one ball of dough and roll it with the rolling pin. It shouldn’t be too thick or too thin.
  6. Now slide the rolled circular dough into the pan and in just a fractions of seconds, you will see it swelling. Flip the Bhatura so that it also gets fried equally from both sides.
  7. Get it out of the pan when it gets a golden touch. Use tissues to remove the excess oil and here they are ready to be served.
Balls of dough
Balls of dough ready to be rolled
Bhature getting fried

Famous outlets for Bhature Chole in Amritsar

Satisfying meals is all that locals need & Bhature Chole is one such item that is relished by them. Famous eateries are there in Amritsar which have been serving the spicy taste of Bhature Chole for a long time now. Most probably like Aloo Kulcha, you can find them in almost every corner of the city. Here is the list of some of the shops where you can go to try out the famous Bhature Chole:

  1. RK Food Plaza
  2. Kanha Sweets
  3. Sabri Bhatura Shop