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North-Indian Hindu Wedding: Rituals And Meanings

A country of Gurdwaras and Temples, a country of many festivals and events, a country of weddings and rituals is what India is known as beyond all its famous facets. The relations here are well celebrated with great pomp and show. Today we are going to talk about a relationship that not only unites two souls but also unites two families who are otherwise sometimes, poles apart from each other. Their customs, rituals, traditions, ways of celebrating a festival can also be different sometimes but what unites them is the bond of love, the bond of faith. Yes.! we are […]

What Do Sikhs Wear And Why – The Story of 5 Ks

The Sikh religion was founded in Northern India in the fifteenth century by Guru Nanak Dev Ji and is the world’s fifth-largest religion with 25 million adherents worldwide. The religion believes in one God, equality, freedom of religion, and community service. Sikhs believe in three basic principles; meditating on the name of God (praying), earning a living by honest means as well as sharing the fruits of one’s labor with others. Sikhism rejects caste and class systems and emphasizes service to humanity. The universal nature of the Sikh way of life reaches out to people of all faiths and cultural […]

Importance Of Rajasthani Block Printing

In our last blog for Block printing, we have come to terms with what exactly is this technique about and we have also studied its history and Importance. Now here we will cover up this practice as an important souvenir from Jaipur – the city of Royals. In a small corner of northern India, generation after generation of families is keeping the art of Rajasthani block printing alive. Their main focus is on creating handmade, ethical designs with Indian artisans. Once the customers or guests get their heads around what’s involved – the intricacy, the skill, the handiwork of each […]

Block Printing – History And Importance

One of the oldest printing methods technique – Block Printing is a method of using a carved piece of wood or any other type of carved block like linoleum available in the market nowadays to imprint an image on paper or fabric. This is basically a stamp that you press onto paper, cloth or other material using ink. Block-printing can be done with wood, linoleum, rubber or various other materials, wood being the oldest medium of all. The reason why it is called the oldest printmaking method is due to the evidence of its existence in as early as the […]

Punjab’s Ultimate Festival Food Guide

Punjab, a city of Golden Temple along with various other Gurdwaras and Temples is well known for hosting various festivals in its own peculiar way. May it be Lohri, Baisakhi, Vasant Panchami, Navratri, Diwali or Bhai Dooj, every festival is celebrated with great zeal and zest in the city. A new excitement floods the city and its people in these colors of festivals. Since the city is famous as the Culinary Capital of Punjab, be it the Street Food, vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food, it occupies a special position when it comes to the season of festivities. Just like each […]