60 Experiences, 60 Seconds – #Amritsar60


Typically called “Guru Ki Nagri” – Amritsar is a place which is blessed with many attractions like Golden Temple, Wagah Border, Jallianwala Bagh, and various other Temples and Gurdwaras. Being the classic city that represents the tradition, culture, and heritage of Punjab, Amritsar is well-renowned as a city that represents the true essence of the state. Be it through the festivals, the food, the places to visit or through the Village life but we make our guests well familiar with what the Golden City is all about. Since City On Pedals is one of the leading guides to this city, so most of these places are covered in our tours.

Being a place that is famous as the Culinary Capital of Punjab, the city has many food items in the various food joints that are worth-visiting and tasting. This includes vegetarian food items, non-vegetarian food items, street food items, desserts and various foods that are served at odd-hours either at late night or during early mornings or the best breakfast the city has to offer. To categorize it further, we also have a section of drinks for our non-alcoholic drink lovers.

Somehow we feel that there is a curiosity for our travelers to know more about the city and its every aspect, so City On Pedals has taken this initiative to present to their world travelers 60 experience in 60 seconds. Yes, you have heard it right. We are bringing to you the favorite 60 things of Amritsar that include the culture, heritage, religion, food and best places to visit. Look for the first teaser of the video and stay tuned for our first Video.