A60E18 – Poori Chole | #Amritsar60

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Amritsar – one of the most important cities of Punjab, is a beautiful blend of tradition, culture, and food. Being a paradise for food lovers, the city offers you some amazing mouth-watering delicacies at various amazing food joints. Until now we have covered various food items that give a niche to the city for being the Culinary Capital of Punjab, Aloo Kulcha being on the top, the most revered one. So today in our episode 18 of series of Amritsar 60, we are going to make you all familiar with one more much talked about breakfast of the city which is Poori-chole or Poori Chana served with Launji or a sweet potato gravy.

Poori Chane served with Potato Gravy
Poori Chane served with Potato Gravy

It is believed that people here have a habit of taking their Sunday brunches at either some Kulcha place or some favorite poori spot. It is their way of spending a weekend with their family. After having this wholesome meal, they prefer to roam, shop and enjoy with their families. Some prepare at their homes and some look for it in their favorite places in the markets but surely enjoy their weekends starting with such rich delicacies. After a completely worked-out week, they dont mind putting up some extra kilos at the end of it.

A wholesome meal
A wholesome meal

An Indian, unfermented, wheat flour, deep-fried bread, originated from the Indian subcontinent and is very popular in Indian homes. A big fluff Golden colored edible ball of dough is actually a delight to see and to eat both. Served with moderately spiced chane – chickpeas gravy, and a sweet and sour potato gravy called Launji, it is loved by almost all age-groups. Prepared with Desi Ghee, they are teamed with raw onions and pickle – peculiar to the season. To give a finishing touch to this luscious meal with a glass of buttery lassi or cold dring or a shake of your choice, this will surely be going to give you an experience of a lifetime.

How It Is Prepared

Here are some quick steps to prepare this amazing meal in a much healthier way at home.

  1. Wash Chane, soak overnight and then the next morning boil them with 1 tbsp of salt.
  2. Add oil in a wok then add garlic and saute it. Add onion and saute till golden brown color. Add all dry spices, ginger and tomato puree mix them now add boiled chana mix them well then add little kasuri methi and coriander for taste. Your Chane or Chole is ready to eat.
  3. Take a bowl, add maida or flour to it. (This use of maida or flour depends on you completely). Now add water make a soft dough, cover it with a cloth and keep it a side.
  4. Take a big wok, add oil and let it heat to medium heat.
  5. Take the dough and make equal-sized balls and roll with a rolling pin to give small chappati kind of a roll. Now put it in hot oil and fry from both sides.
  6. Take it out on tissues and your amazing crisp pooris are ready to eat.
  7. Serve them with Chane, pickle, and salad of your choice.
Served with salad and pickle
Served with salad and pickle

Where you can find it

It is said that breakfast food cures all sadness aside. So enjoy this healthier and one of the most looked after breakfast in the town. Now is the time to tell all those people who actually dont enjoy a Sunday cooking and wants a day off yet want to eat something which is good in taste and rich in ingredients as well. So listing out some most trusted joints selling amazing golden delights.

  1. Kanha Sweets at Lawrence Road, and Ranjit Avenue
  2. Novelty Sweets at Lawrence Road
  3. Munim Di Hatti at Lawrence Road
  4. Mata Lal Devi Mandir at Rani Ka Bazaar
  5. Durgiana Temple
  6. Mata Launga Wali Mandir near Golden Temple

So get set go to explore it yourself and share the experience.