A60E17 – Aam Papad | #Amritsar60

Aam Papad - Feature Image

Do you know what is better than just traveling? When you get to try food specialties of that place while your travel is the best thing that can happen to you. As they say, “While traveling in itself is an intoxication, traveling for delectable food is an unstoppable desire.” So taking care of this desire of world-class travelers like you, we have been bringing you each new experience every day in our Amritsar 60 series.

Sweet and tangy Aam papad
Sweet & tangy Aam Papad

It doesn’t matter from where you are and what your taste buds love, this leathery sweet piquant item will become one of your favorite quick bites. Though you will find it in two different types, one sweet and other piquant, but what we suggest is you should try both of them. Because of its “chatpata” taste Aam Papad, the black dried mango pulp is always the main center of admiration among females.

Tasting the various Aam Papad versions at Ram Lubhaya
Tasting the flavors

How it is prepared

The mango pulp is blended with concentrated sugar solution and is then left to dry in open sun till no moisture is left. The leathery texture of Aam Papad is achieved only when it left to be sun-dried for quite a long time. This process is repeated until you receive the preferable thickness. Here it is for you the relished sweet quick bite by people of all ages.

Sweet dried mango pulp
Sweet Aam Papad

If you want to get your taste buds to experience some sour and tangy taste, then you can try out its other variety too. Kala Aam Papad, the black version of the Aam Papad is the most popular among females as it is sour and tangy. Served with a pinch of black salt & red chilly powder poured over it. To give a tangy touch to it, grated lime is added to it.

Preparing this also is not that cumbersome task, you just have to use ripe mangoes for the pulp in substitute to the mangoes used for making sweet Aam Papad. In place of concentrated sugar solution, add black salt and roasted cumin powder. Rest all the tasks are identical to the other variety.

Black Aam Papad
Kala Aam Papad

Where you can find it

With our guided tours, you can get to experience some of the famous street food in Amritsar. This childhood delight is the one and only that can satisfy your need for most tangy taste. So here some of the best vendors from where you can find this tangy quick evening bite:

  1. Ram Lubhaya Aam Papad Wala
  2. Puni Lal Paan & Aam Papad Shop
vendor of Aam Papad
Vendor cutting the pieces of Kala Aam Papad