Block Printing in Rajasthan

Bagru – Rajasthan’s Block Printing Technique

We have given in detail about the Block printing and its technique in our initial blogs – Block Printing, History And Importance and the other blog is the Importance of Rajasthani Block Printing wherein we have given in detail about the oldest fabric printing method that still has its roots in India, China, and Japan. One such method is the Bagru technique of Block printing which is peculiar to the state of Rajasthan and uses some natural colors for curating the same. Indians were among the pioneers in the art of dyeing and printing with fast (natural) colors in the […]

60 Experiences, 60 Seconds – #Amritsar60

Typically called “Guru Ki Nagri” – Amritsar is a place which is blessed with many attractions like Golden Temple, Wagah Border, Jallianwala Bagh, and various other Temples and Gurdwaras. Being the classic city that represents the tradition, culture, and heritage of Punjab, Amritsar is well-renowned as a city that represents the true essence of the state. Be it through the festivals, the food, the places to visit or through the Village life but we make our guests well familiar with what the Golden City is all about. Since City On Pedals is one of the leading guides to this city, […]
Langoor Mela

Holi – The Festival Of Colors

India – a land of diverse religions and festivals, a land of many cultures and traditions, a place where each festival has a story to tell and a reason for its celebration. Similar is the festival of Holi which is enjoyed by people of all age-groups and signifies love and celebrations throughout. Popularly known as the Indian “Festival of Spring” – the festival signifies the arrival of spring season and end of winter. This signifies the season of the blossoming of love and a reason for many people to meet and greet their family members and friends. This festival brings […]
Tours in Chandigarh

Guided Walking Tours Now In Chandigarh

Chandigarh – a city and a Union Territory in India which is also the capital of Punjab and Haryana is known as one of the first planned cities in India. Known as the City Beautiful because of its magnificence and picturesque beauty, it is said to be the Dream City of India’s first PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Well known for its well-designed infrastructure, the thing that adds more beauty to the city is its green cover. The major design of the city is mapped out by French architect Le Corbusier. Ideally, the name Chandigarh is derived out from the ancient […]

Guided Walking Tours Now In Varanasi

India – a land of diverse Culture & Heritage, Rituals and beliefs, of stories and facts, of beautiful hidden alleys and colorful markets, such a city that is inculcated with all these features is Varanasi – referred by many as Kashi Vishwanath Ki Nagri. Ruled by Mughals and Kings in the past, this Oldest city of India is now a hub of saints and sages and has a beautiful amalgamation of our religious past and a modern future. Considering the city has a stature of being the Oldest City of India, it is even one of the continuously inhabited cities […]