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Tours in Chandigarh

Chandigarh – a city and a Union Territory in India which is also the capital of Punjab and Haryana is known as one of the first planned cities in India. Known as the City Beautiful because of its magnificence and picturesque beauty, it is said to be the Dream City of India’s first PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Well known for its well-designed infrastructure, the thing that adds more beauty to the city is its green cover. The major design of the city is mapped out by French architect Le Corbusier.

Ideally, the name Chandigarh is derived out from the ancient Chandi Devi mandir, a Hindu shrine dedicated to Goddess Chandi the Goddess of Power. Since this shrine came in the vicinity of the site selected for the city, so it is thus named after the same. Translated as the “Forts of Chandi”“Chandi” and “Garh” was thus formulated and came into existence. Post-independence in 1947, the city was thus came to be known as the first planned city and is known internationally for its architecture and urban design.

Being a planned city, it has a uniformity everywhere – be it roads or market places or roundabouts, a planned uniformity is observed. These roundabouts help in the easy flow of traffic and also adds to the beauty of the city. The roads are divided into different sectors which have both commercial and residential areas and are given numbers and interlinked. Based on the twentieth-century design the city has many signboards or directional signages which makes the commuting easy for a local as well as for a guest.

Amidst Green belt

The Tricity also has pride in being the Greenest city of India where tree plantation is said to be a major project during its development. Therefore, it is also referred to as the city of Gardens like Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, etc that has a number of species of rose flowers and other medicinal plants.

Bestowed with various tourist attractions the city has cycle tracks in most roads which makes it ideal for cyclists as well.

Open Hand Monument

The city also has eco-friendly urban landscapes and well-planned infrastructure that has given it the name City Beautiful. A tour to the city will definitely make you fall in love with the pedestrian-friendly roads, non-traffic areas, lush-green surroundings, leisure valleys, the open hand monument, Rose Garden, Rock Garden, etc that are some of the major tourist places in Chandigarh you should visit.

Expanding our wings, we are entering the city with our guided, slow-paced Bicycle Tour with our expert tour guides to tell the World-travelers the know-how of the place. Given the limited sources and time, we want our guests to explore the city differently with our experience and takes back the fond memories.

Expanding our wings to Chandigarh

It is rightly believed that “don’t just listen to what they say, Go and See Yourself”. So our aim is always to indulge our guests into some real experiences as one can forget the things but not the experience. So get-set-go for cycling through the streets of Chandigarh and explore the city and its beauty through our exclusive tour – Chandigarh Heritage Bicycle Tour. Let’s explore the beauty together.