5 Famous Ghats Of Varanasi

“A city older than history, older than tradition, older even than legendand looks twice as old as all of them put together” True are the words of Mark Twain. Varanasi is the eternal city of India. Call it Varanasi or Banaras or Kashi, all are the name of one pious place, the city of Mother Ganges. By any name and by all means, Varanasi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of the world. This city is more so remarkable since its great contemporaries Beijing, Jerusalem and Athens have moved on and away from the ancient ways of life. […]

Ganga Aarti: Pure Bliss

Varanasi – a city that illuminates truth and reveals reality. A city that does not bring new wonders into the scope of vision, but enables one to see what is already there. Where this eternal light intersects the earth, it is known as Kashi. The Nagri of Kashi Vishwanath (Lord Shiva) as Banaras or Varanasi is called is considered as the Spiritual Capital of India. Being situated at the bank of river Ganges, Varanasi holds a great religious significance in the history of India. The place has both intrigued and attracted people in equal measures from all spheres of life […]