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Offbeat Places To Visit In Jaipur

The Royal city of Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and tradition, magnificent art and artifacts, and brilliant past. Various forts and monuments aren’t the only attractions of this Pink City, the intricate handicraft items and exquisite jewelry also catch the eyeballs of tourists. Jaipur is a magical city bursting with life, history and awe-inspiring architecture, lakes, sand dunes, and various markets. But there is much more to this city, most of which are not much explored and commercialized. Renowned by UNESCO, the city is a host to two Heritage sites, but from the point of concern of World […]
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How To Spend A Morning In Jaipur

A historical yet charismatic city that provides a range of unique and fascinating activities and attractions of the city for its tourists from around the world, Jaipur is a treat for World Tourism. For travel enthusiasts, there are a lot many places to visit in this Pink City like palaces, forts, and temples which can leave anybody spellbound. The city gives a plethora of places to visit which probably takes around a minimum of 4-5 days time to explore the city perfectly. Now the question is how and where to start from? Well, to answer this question, we from City […]
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10 Things To Buy From Jaipur

The Pink City of India – Jaipur is best known for its historical architectural buildings and Its traditional culture. Apart from all this, it is also one of the biggest fashion hubs which are popular all over India. Shopping in Jaipur is a delight whether, from big malls or the local streets, the flavor of the State is evident everywhere. It is a real treat as there are some fabulous places that stock unique and high-quality items. Precious and semi-precious gems are most sought after along with blue pottery and textiles. Listing out the famous 10 Things that are peculiar […]
Why you should travel?

Why you should Travel to India?

“Go over the mountains or into the oceans or maybe get lost in the woods, perhaps this the way you will become a traveler” Wake up, work, sleep, repeat. Isn’t it a way too monotonous? But this is what most of the people do and thus, are into stressful life. Get an escape from this routine and travel as far as you can. Wake up in forest paradise, see the glaciers, listen to waves hitting the shore and seek other souls. A voyage to find the hidden self Be a traveler instead of being a tourist Explore like a local […]