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India – a land of rich Culture & Heritage, of stories and facts, of Mughals and Emperors, of beauty and heroism, of big monuments and accessible markets. Such a city that is inculcated with all these features is Jaipur. Ruled by Rajputs in the past, this Capital City of Rajasthan has a beautiful amalgamation of our Royal past and a modern future.

Hawa Mahal at night
Hawa Mahal

If we talk about our Indian History, Jaipur is sure to hold an important place. Being home to grand forts, temples, palaces, and museums, Jaipur is also home to various local handicraft bazaars and famous street food. Regarded as one of the biggest trading hubs of jewelry, it also has the biggest canons of wars in the past. Regarded as a major city of the Golden Triangle in attracting the tourists from across the country and around the years, the city narrates its phases from its planning to designing, from regarded as the Pink City of India to being a home to various Heritage sites of UNESCO the city just keeps on narrating from everywhere. You just don’t see the buildings and monuments, you see stories and people who did everything to make it what it is today.

As per Google, a big part of world tourism is interested in this city. Today’s is the internet era and being the smart people we always do our homework before bouncing on anything so that we should not miss out on anything and make the best use of our tours. But how one experience the hidden gems of this royal city if Google just mentions the obvious places. There is food, prepared by century-old families, with the same recipe and yet are unknown to many.

If one has to explore a place, all they have to search is its history, story, culture, and traditions behind the peculiarness of that place, like how a particular festival is celebrated in this part of the country, what is the relevance of a particular thing as compared to other cities. All these attributes make it different from the other places in the world and contribute to one’s journey to a place to make it worth-traveling and successful. So we at City On Pedals take such initiatives on our tours and make our guests familiar with the exclusiveness of the city.

City On Pedals Jaipur

Given the limited resources and time, we don’t want any of the people going back without taking the pink memories from the city. Nothing about the city is easy to forget, one just needs to get the right way to explore. Our aim has always been to enhance the experience of the people visiting the city. One can forget about things but never the experience.

Jaipur Temple
Take the glimpses of the Beautiful Temple on our Jaipur Heritage Walking Tour

We are glad to announce that after making the journey of exploring the Holy City, Amritsar, we have headed in the capital city of Rajasthan.

We would be taking you to the unexplored parts of Jaipur, creating a lifetime of experience for you.

The bookings are officially open for the guided tour in Jaipur. Let’s relive the history again.