The food of Amritsar City is loved by one and all. Be it Kulcha, Kesar ka Dhaba we have savory delights at the famous food-joints of Holy city.

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Things To Do With Your Corporate Team In Amritsar

After completing a hard week at work, meeting deadlines, long hours of meeting, a break is a must for the one who is working in 9 to 5 jobs. Following such a monotonous schedule, life at times appears dull and requires a change! And in order to bring in the change, a corporate outing will always prove to be the ideal way of encouraging the team members and boosts them up. It is like breaking the ice between the associates and bringing them together along with their families and get to know them more by taking them to a corporate […]
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The Ultimate Guide To The Street Food Of Amritsar

Think about the Oldest City of Punjab – Amritsar and your mind is instantly directed to the never-ending list of savory delights the country has to thank the state for. Signature Punjabi delicacies like Makki di Roti and Sarso ka Saag, Chicken Tikka, Lassi and Choley Bhature have transcended the state’s barrier and secured a place on several plates and hearts, both home and abroad. And then there are some hidden gems in the congested alleys and towns of the state still waiting to get its due. The Chicken and other non-vegetarian tandoori dishes take away the limelight when it […]
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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Your First Trip To Amritsar

Planning a short trip to Amritsar and want to make the most of your holiday? Well, you are on the right page. We at City On Pedals make sure that our guests to our Holy city should be fully contented and satisfied with their tours. At various times, people ask us what are the key places that will make our trip most fun-loving and knowledgeable at the same time.  To guide them further on this point we have formulated a perfect itinerary – can be called a cheat sheet to take a 360-degree view of the city, its history, world-famous […]
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5 Popular Punjabi Foods Not To Be Missed In Amritsar

Amritsar – a land of Kings, Emperors and Pure Punjabis. A tour to the city will be considered incomplete if you do not do these 3 things – A visit to the World Famous Religious place Golden Temple, Enjoying the beating Retreat Ceremony at Wagah Border and having a delicious meal at the most famous places of Amritsar. The food in the city is the most loved thing by World travelers. This love for food is evident in its sheer number of eating joints covering all the major and strategic parts of the city. Search for one and you will […]
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Non-Vegetarian Punjabi Food Guide

The one district of Punjab that is thronged by foodies from all over the world is Amritsar. It holds religious, cultural and political significance because of its World famous Golden Temple and Wagah Border among the tourists. Considering that the place is also called the Culinary Capital of Punjab, people from across the globe enjoy the food. It has many varieties of Non-vegetarian food that adds to its taste and probably compels one to take a halt and enjoy rich delicacies of the city. We have certain handpicked non-veg delights that are sure not to be missed by any guest […]

Non-Alcoholic Drinks of Amritsar’s Street

Amritsar, a synonym that goes well with food and lip-smacking beverages, has a profusion of mocktails and coolers available at your dispense. Being home to some of the most important Heritage & Cultural sites, it is estimated that over 1.5 Lakh people visit this town which is of great importance to them from its religious and historical point of view. Often heard as the Culinary Capital of Punjab, the city of Golden Temple has some interesting and most popular must-try drinks that you cannot miss during your tour to the Holy City. Many street-side shops tucked away in small lanes […]