2 Days In Amritsar – The Ultimate Itinerary

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Planning a short trip to Amritsar and looking out for the places to visit here to make the most of your holidays? Well, you are on the right page. We at City On Pedals make sure that our guests to our Holy city should be fully contented and satisfied with their tours. To make this happens we have given our tours a 360-degree approach that will help you visit each and every important place of this Heritage City. Starting from the much revered Golden Temple to a very important political and patriotic place – Wagah Border, from street food of the town to the famous shopping markets, we have all in our tours.

Day 1
1. A Walk To The Heritage City
2. Amritsar Street Food
3. Golden Temple
4. Langar Hall

Day 2
1. Village Tour
2. Wagah Border

Day 1

To know the city properly, let’s start with exploring the Heritage of that city which would give us a sneak-peak to the actual cultures and traditions related to its people and the city itself.

A Walk To The Heritage City

Mixed group of travelers in the narrow lanes of the walled city of Amritsar during the Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour
A mixed group of travelers exploring the bylanes of the walled city of Amritsar

Start your day with our Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour at 10 am. Take a glimpse of the age-old markets, temples, Gurudwaras, and gates in the narrow bylanes of the city with a sneak peak into the lives of locals. The city echoes its heroic and elegant past during the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the tragedy of Partition of 1947 and then the Sikh massacre of 1984 in its every alley. The true stories can be heard from the local city vendors who have actually witnessed all this and can also share their experiences. The knowledge over the research about our history and the importance of places will also be shared by our expert guides who will be there with you all the time. A 2 hours tour to the Heritage city will be concluded by lunch at one of the finest places to give you the flavor of Punjab.

Amritsar Street Food

Amritsar Street Food Walking Tour
Punjabi Street food prepared on traditional Tawa – (Griddle)

Considering that holidays are also to rest, so we would leave you some time to catch up at 7 pm again to enjoy the Amritsar Street Food Walking Tour. Considered as the Culinary Capital of Punjab, the city has various aromatic, authentic and traditional food items that have its peculiar taste. Enjoy some evening snacks at our generations-old street vendors and dhabas, who present some never-to-be-missed things.” When in Punjab, Eat as a Punjabi do”. Enjoy this food to your heart’s content to know about the intrinsic flavor of the land. An approx 2 hours tour will come to an end and we can move on to our most and world-famous place which is The Golden Temple.

Golden Temple

Amritsar Golden Temple Walking Tour
Golden Temple – One-stop destination for World Tourism

A tour to Golden Temple will take approx. 3 hours’ time. In the midst of the night sky, the beauty of Temple is worth-watching. Gathering together at the Saragarhi Gurudwara, the Walk to the Heritage Street will be covered from where you will be taken inside the holy shrine to experience this ceremony at the right time. Here you will witness the closing ceremony of the Holy Book – the Palki Sahib Ceremony. You will get to see various rituals and customs before entering a Gurudwara like to remove and submit shoes, wash your hands and feet, cover your head, etc. Then after watching this our expert guide will also make you familiar with the importance of all these rituals about each and every sign of the temple like Nishaan Sahib, Khanda Sahib, etc.

Langar Hall

City on pedals - Largest Community Kitchen
Volunteering in the World’s Largest Community Kitchen

You will also get to visit the Biggest Communal Kitchen of the World – The Langar Hall which serves food to approx. 100,000 people daily. The zeal and enthusiasm of volunteers will also be seen that work tirelessly and happily inside the Communal kitchen. Lastly, as the closure of Day 1, you can enjoy this Satvik meal in this Common Langar Hall and can move ahead to your respective places of rest taking the light of divinity in your mind and soul.

Day 2

After a busy first day of our trip time is to explore the city to its core.

A Tour To The Last Village Of Amritsar

Guest making Roti at our Village Tour
Guest making Roti at our Village Tour

Being in Punjab, if you have not visited Punjabi Village, the trip would be considered as incomplete. After all, that is something that most of our guests look forward to. Giving a real experience of a perfect Punjabi lifestyle, its age-old customs, traditions, we bring you to a near-by village which is situated at Indo-Pak Border to experience the warmth of people and discover a whole new Punjab. Learn about their lives, their cattle, their fields everything that they do in their daily chores such as preparing food on traditional clay-ovens – chulhas, milking the cows etc. Give them few hours and mingle with them, Experience their Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki Roti, Gidha and Bhangra – (Traditional Dances of Punjab), and the authentic Punjabi attire. Take Pictures of the lush green farms and lots more. In these approx. 3 hours, you will have an experience of a lifetime.

Wagah Border

Wagah Border flag waving through the crowd
At Wagah Border Tour guests waving flag through the crowd

Before ending the tour on Day 2, it is the time to witness the much-talked-about beating retreat ceremony at Indo-Pak border The Wagah Border. Experiencing the valor of India’s First Line of Defence, the place is an avid example of patriotism combined with entertainment. Every day of the year, just before sunset, a flag-lowering ceremony takes place there as the border is closed for the day. The spectators shout the Slogans of “Jai Hind” during the ceremony. The ceremony aims to evoke patriotic fervor among the crowd. Some Indians wave the Tricolour, while others dance to Bollywood songs that blare through speakers. This side trip from Amritsar in Punjab has always been a favorite tourist attraction be it National or International.

These are the best-seen places of Amritsar. On the way, you’ll get to see certain historic mansions, traditional trades and crafts, and captivating architecture with intricately carved wooden facades. This way we can make the best of our 2-days tour to the land of The Golden Temple.