Fun Things To Do In Amritsar

Land of Golden Temple primarily and various other Gurudwaras and Temples, Amritsar is well known as a center for Sikh faith. Hailed as the “Home of all Virtues” (Sifti Da Ghar), the city is rightly called the “Mukut-Mani” (The Jewel of Crown) of Punjab. The true spirit of the city is found not only in its art & architecture, fairs & festivals, folk dances & stimulating music, traditional markets & lip-smacking cuisine but is also vibrantly visible in its gurudwaras & temples, tiraths & mosques.

Amritsar village tour
A city that has anything to everything for all age groups

The places are recognized well by global travelers and have become one of the attractions for World Tourism. So much so, that it has given a boost to the tourism industry by becoming the fastest growing State in tourism with a 35% growth in tourist footfall in the last five years.

But as we said earlier, there are many facets to Amritsar city about which many people are not aware. Today we are going to talk about some really fun-loving things that people can do being in the city.

1. A Stroll On The Heritage Street

Being a Heritage city, Amritsar has undergone several changes in terms of renovations and reconstructions of old buildings and surroundings majorly near the Golden Temple. Our Government has taken certain initiatives to make it a vehicle-free – the pedestrian zone for all the visitors. This revamp has actually changed the face of the area. As per the new look, the moment you cross the old Town Hall Building and go towards Jallianwala Bagh and then up to the Golden Temple, what you’ll see now are bright lampposts, statues and fountains in the backdrop of buildings reminiscent of Mughal and Rajputana architecture that depict the stories from the chapters of the past. Want to hear from your personal guide from the city, book Amritsar Golden Temple Walking Tour with us and take an experience of a lifetime. In fact, the entire 1-km stretch now looks like a huge, open monument of a la European destinations such as Rome, Venice or Florence which in itself is a treat to watch during day and night both.

Heritage street fun on Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour
Depiction of Folk dance through statues

Appreciated and visited by lakhs of people on a daily basis, one can witness the uniformity of building facades, the depiction of Punjab’s Heritage in terms of the portrayal of its folk dances in the form of beautiful statues here and there on the street which have more or less became the selfie points for a lot of visitors. It is actually a treat to walk through the road and proceed towards divinity – the much revered Golden Temple to seek blessings of the Supreme Being.

Amritsar Golden Temple Walking Tour
Amritsar Golden Temple Walking Tour

2. Pul Kanjari – Pul Moran: Punjab’s Taj Mahal

Pul Moran
A view of Pul Moran

Yes, You read it Right.! Punjab has its own Taj Mahal in the form of Pul Kanjari, now named as Pul Moran that narrates an eternal Love story of a Royal – Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and a commoner – Moran, a Muslim nautch dancer. Besides this angle to the place, it has some amazing facets to it like one Sarovar-(historic tank) to store water, one Gurudwara, One Mosque, one temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, that depicts our rich culture in the form of frescoes covering the inner walls of the temple and various art and architecture. Through its war memorial, the place sets an example of not only self-love but the love for the country. Take a detour from Wagah Border and enjoy rural Punjab. It is one of the lesser-known travel places in Amritsar but depicts an amazing excerpt from our history.

3. Wagah Border

A yet another destination to visit for world tourists is to watch the flag-lowering ceremony at the open border between India and Pakistan which is an avid example of patriotism combined with entertainment. Every day of the year, just before sunset, a flag-lowering ceremony takes place there as the border is closed for the day. The spectators shout the Slogans of Jai Hind during the ceremony. The ceremony aims to evoke patriotic fervor among the crowd. Some Indians wave the Tricolour, while others dance to Bollywood songs that blare through speakers.

retreat ceremony
People praising & dancing for the Motherland with Tricolour at Wagah Border

The real fun of the ceremony is to reach there in advance and join the crowd in the dancing and signing for the motherland. The highlighted part of the same is when they allow you to run on the walk-way or path proceeding towards the gate by holding the Flag in your hand and feel the true spirit of a patriot. Enjoy the moment with our Wagah Border Tour and be a part of these fun-filled activities.

Amritsar Wagah Border Tour
Amritsar Wagah Border Tour

4. Gufa – Mata Lal Devi Mandir

Being an iconic city that represents the true essence of Punjab, Amritsar is also home to numerous temples and gurudwaras that are grand, eclectic and spiritually uplifting. One such a religious place that has always attracted the eye of the travelers is Mata Lal Devi Temple. Built-in 1989, in Rani Ka Bagh, amidst the populated residential colony it is a sacred Hindu sanctuary that is a replica of famous sacred Vaishnodevi Temple at Katra. This temple used to be the shrine of 20th Century “Female Saint”, Mata Lal Devi Ji, popularly known as “Pujya Mata Ji” – (Respected Mother Figure), a human-deity who lived on fruits and milk all her life.

sacred cave
Outside view of a sacred cave

The peculiar feature of this temple is the holy cave, the “Gufa” – (a Little water channel) which is a miniature of popular Vaishno Devi Gufa, with all the three deities residing in – Maa Katyayni Devi, Maa Chintpurni Devi, and Maa Jwala Devi. One needs to cross the caves by bending and crawling through some parts. This feature of the temple makes it distinct from all. Festivals are celebrated with utmost devotion and gaiety at the temple. Free food is served to all. If not the religious sentiments, then the magnificently unique concept of the interiors can be the call for a visit to the Mata Lal Devi Temple. Being an intrinsic part of our Wagah Border Tour, it is visited and enjoyed by many of the travelers from around the world. You may also read more about this temple in our Mata Lal Devi Temple blog.

5. Durgiana Temple

Situated inside the old city near Lohgarh Gate, the architecture of this premier temple is a replica of the Golden Temple. Build in the middle of a sacred pond, the dome and canopies of the temple are similar to the Golden Temple. The dome is illuminated with colorful lights and is gilded with gold. It is also referred to as Silver Temple owing to the silver doors of its sanctum, on which are embossed the incarnations of Lord Vishnu and other deities.

entance of Durgiana mandir
The entrance of the Temple

It is believed that there is a wish-fulfilling tree in the temple complex where devotees offer flowers, apply turmeric and Vermilion paste. They also go around this tree several times seeking a host of favors. You can even enjoy the authentic food made of pure Desi Ghee, be it some salty snack or sweets.

6. Early Morning Activities

Apart from the world-famous Gurdwaras and Temples, there is much more to the city which can be looked out during morning and evening hours.

1. Peddling Through The City

Riding through Baba Bohar
Riding through the narrow bylanes of old-city

Take a stroll in the morning and admire the beauty of the city which is truly a place of pure bliss amidst the sounds of Gurdwaras and Temple bells. This is the best time to witness the heritage of Amritsar that has a glorified past and a promising future. You may take an Amritsar Heritage Bicycle Tour and experience the City On Pedals. This way you will be able to explore the old Amritsar through its narrow bylanes, alleys and the narrow and otherwise much-crowded markets – bazaars peacefully.

Amritsar Heritage Bicycle Tour
Amritsar Heritage Bicycle Tour

2. Enjoy The Food

Enjoy rejuvenating morning tea

After a stroll to the city, you may enjoy the amazing breakfast or the early morning food options available like very famous Gian Di Lassi or you may take a halt at Giani Tea Stall and enjoy the Indian hot beverage – CHAI thereat.

7. Evening Activities

The city offers you various places of drink and dine or to spend some late night fun in Night Clubs with your group to enjoy apart from the authentic food of the city. Let us summarize all in the following manner.

Bheega Kulcha
Bheega Kulcha – something that is very famous from Amritsar

1. Authentic Street Food

Take an evening street food tour with us and taste some amazing delicacies of the city from Vegetarian to non-vegetarian food. starting from Soya champ to Makki ki roti and Sarson ka saag, we have all.

Amritsar Street Food Walking Tour
Amritsar Street Food Walking Tour

2. Places To Drink

For the ones who want to enjoy some drinks, they can head towards the many happening places in Ranjit Avenue near Vishal Mega Mart. That whole lane is for the ones who love to enjoy food with some drinks – (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).

3. Enjoying The Night Life

Who says that the city does not have a nightlife. Be the part of the places like Peddlers in Ranjit Avenue or Club House to name a few to enjoy with your group of people and make the most of it.

Aam papad is an instant hit amongst all world travelers coming to Amritsar
Enjoy the food during late evenings

So likewise, the city offers some really interesting and fun things for its travelers to admire, experience and take them along as some really happy memories from the tour.