Amritsar: Where And What To Eat Before 7 am

The title goes apt with a true Punjabi for whom food is everything. No one can savor the fatty delicacies in all its true splendor as a Punjabi does! The home to the iconic Golden Temple is also home to the best food in the world and is truly called the Culinary Capital of Punjab. Everything in this city revolves around food- be it socializing, prayer or festivals. Kulchas, lassi, jalebi, you name it and we have it even during the early morning. We have seen often and have also experienced ourselves that whenever we are on a holiday or on a trip to the city, we do want to explore the city during its peaceful hours. They may be early mornings or late nights. The beauty of a city is well observed during the sunrise.

Since the city proves to be a good host for its guests, so one can enjoy some of its authentic delicacies even while taking a stroll in the morning. So some of the eating joints that serve some amazing morning treat to its guests are:
1. Guru Ka Langar – The Community kitchen
2. Tea at Giani Tea Stall
3. Haveli Restaurant
4. Bharawan Da Dhaba
5. Fruit Beer – Verka Booth
6. Flavored Milk – Ahuja Milk Bhandar

1. Guru Ka Langar – The Community Kitchen

great kitchen
Volunteers doing their respective duties in the Community Kitchen of Golden Temple

“Langar” means “Free Food for All”. The place where it is cooked in Gurudwaras is referred to as “Communal Kitchen”. Amritsar is called the Holy City for its very famous Golden Temple – a World-famous religious place that is visited by a number of travelers daily. Arguably referred to as the World Headquarter for Sikhism, Golden Temple has the World’s Biggest Communal Kitchen that operates 24×7 and serves about 100,000 people a day. From serving dal to vegetables, roti to rice and a thick South Asian rice pudding called Kheer, the place has a big cadre of volunteers working behind this cause who cooks and serves the meal. To initiate the idea of “The Light of God is in all Hearts”, the service was started by the First Guru of Sikhs – Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Every visitor of the Temple is allowed to enjoy this Satvik meal that serves one and all equally.

2. Tea at Giani Tea Stall

As coffee goes synonymous with foreign people, we Indians prefer our much loved Chai. Usually made at home, the city has some strategic and much approachable places where the drink is served by various shops. But the best place known for the same is Giani Tea Stall located at Cooper Road. Came up in Amritsar about 58 years ago, it has established itself as the official tea shop of the city. The tea served there has an authentic taste of its own which is similar to one served some 58 years ago even. Every morning, the stall can be seen crowded with locals and tourists who come here for their breakfast of a nice cup of tea accompanied by other lip-smacking morning snacks. The shop is so much popular that various cabinet ministers, celebrities, etc. who so ever visit our Holy City visit there to have a sip of the tea which for them is equivalent to nectar and asked for the special recipe.

Enjoy hot tea early in the morning

Ideally, tea contains less amount of caffeine, believed to be an antioxidant but for many, it is an energy booster that keeps them charged to work for the whole day around. Indian s prefer to take tea almost twice or thrice a day. Along with tea, there are some lip-smacking delights like an omelet, kachori, etc. which are served by this famous eating joint.

3. Haveli Restaurant

Enjoy from Anything to everything

This restaurant is on the outskirts of the city but serves about anything to everything. So one can enjoy primarily the rich heritage of the land. Be it paranthe, full breakfast meal or sandwiches, etc. tea, coffee or lassi or any aerated beverages, you name it and they have it. A perfect place to enjoy a meal at any point in time, the city feels elated to have such an eating joint.

4. Bharawan Da Dhaba

From Kulcha to proper meal

The one dhaba that opens early morning and start treating its guests is the Bharawan Da Dhaba. Again the very popular eating joint near Golden Temple and Partition Museum serves the authentic taste of Amritsari Kulcha apart from the proper meal.

5. Fruit Beer – Verka Booth

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A non-alcoholic beer

A moderately occupied space at the corner of the famous Green Avenue garden, Verka booth serves the much talked about Fruit Beer. Non-Alcoholic and Beer does not go hand-in-hand, Right? Well, it’s not an alcoholic drink at all. It is a beer where some fruit flavors are added instead of unmalted grains that are used in beer. It does not intoxicate you or give you any damage, rather, it is enjoyed as a cold beverage in the scorching heat of summer.

6. Flavored Milk – Ahuja Milk Bhandar

Want to taste some flavored milk? Well, you are on the right page. This is one joint that serves you some delicious taste of Milk badaam which is much relished by all age groups whether children, young or old. During their stroll in the city, when you often feel thirsty and little hungry, choose to be at this age-old place and you may quench your thirst with.

Flavored Drink

Thus there are many eateries that start serving food early in the morning and continue till late evenings.