5 Popular Punjabi Foods Not To Be Missed In Amritsar

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Amritsar – a land of Kings, Emperors and Pure Punjabis. A tour to the city will be considered incomplete if you do not do these 3 things – A visit to the World Famous Religious place Golden Temple, Enjoying the beating Retreat Ceremony at Wagah Border and having a delicious meal at the most famous places of Amritsar. The food in the city is the most loved thing by World travelers. This love for food is evident in its sheer number of eating joints covering all the major and strategic parts of the city. Search for one and you will find many, each offering a plethora of mouth-watering dishes, treating hungry diners in several variations.

If your trip is short and you want to enjoy most of it considering the food of the city, you are on the right page then. Jotting down below are the few famous and the must-visit places of the Holy City if you are a true foodie. Afterall food is one of the ingredients that bind us together.

1. Amritsari Kulcha

Taste the famous Amritsari Kulcha on our Street Food Tour
Taste the famous Amritsari Kulcha on our Street Food Tour

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast”. Giving this famous saying its due course and worshipped by Amritsaris, it is a complete meal in itself and is served with chickpeas and some onions or chutney. The onions are usually soaked in tamarind chutney which gives it an addictive, tangy taste. While the traditional Kulcha called Alloo Kulcha (Potato Naan) is usually stuffed with potatoes. But there are quite a few varieties one can have. Cheese/Paneer Kulcha, Cauliflower/Gobi Kulcha or mixed Kulcha are just a few common examples you can experiment with. Best served at Kulcha Land in Ranjit Avenue, one cannot miss this smoky taste of the Tandoor – the clay oven where it is made in its authentic way. This makes a perfect Sunday breakfast with swarms of people outside these shops chatting and enjoys this wholesome meal. During our tours, we take our guests to the famous Kulcha Place in the city, from where they can enjoy the rich flavors of this worshipped meal.

2. Sarson Ka Saag & Makki Ki Roti

Pure Punjabi Meal
Pure Punjabi Meal

Yearning for a delicious and indulgent meal in Punjab.? Try Sarson Ka Saag, a classic Punjabi recipe made from mustard leaves, spinach and bathua along with a delicious tempering of Onion and garlic in Ghee. Served with a dollop of white butter or Makhan, the dish is soul-warming and traditional to Indian Villages though found in many Dhabas and Restaurants. It is believed that being in Amritsar, if you have not tasted it, you have actually missed a big part of your tour. Relish this traditional delight in our Village tour where you will have the authentic flavor made of the chullah and hours of cooking in every bite.

Makki is a Punjabi word for maize (corn) and the yellow-colored flour made of it is the core ingredient. It is again a traditional recipe of Punjab which is famous especially in Winters. Paired with Sarson Ka Saag this is again peculiar to Punjabi Villages but we can make it at home and also can get from Dhabas in its different variations as well.

3. Dal Makhani

Amritsar Food Walking Tour
Dal Makhani combined with other dishes for a proper Amritsari Thali

Makhani means “buttery”, so for this recipe, whole black lentils (whole urad) are cooked with lots of butter and cream. A peculiar dish of Punjab made with black lentils, red kidney beans and loaded with butter and ghee is cooked simmering on low heats for hours to get that authentic taste. The most popular Dal of not only Punjab but the whole of India which is there in the menu list of every wedding party and restaurant. The use of very gentle spices completes its flavor because Less is more when it comes to using spices in dal makhani. Enjoy this rich traditional flavor in our Walking or Bicycle Tour to Heritage City.

Now comes the Non-Vegetarian Delights of the City for die-hard bone lovers.

4. Amritsari Fish

We have seen Punjabis obsession for Chicken, but what they really boast of is their World famous Machhi – (fish). Go anywhere in the alleys or bylanes of the city and one thing you would definitely find at a core non-vegetarian Dhaba or restaurant is Amritsari Fish. These fritters are basically pre-marinated in gram flour batter with all spices and are then deep-fried in hot oil. The mouth-watering dish is served with mint and coriander chutney which is equally delicious and comes with many additional qualities. Best served at Makhan Da Dhaba, the delicacy has not only locals hooked to it but also is World Famous now.  The best fish that is used in its making is either Sole or Singara.

5. Kharore


A very special dish that is peculiar to Amritsar is the Paya which are basically the pieces of a goat or sheep’s legs cooked with different spices. Made into a broth the dish is best eaten with a Keema Naan. Hours of cooking and whole spices along with chili and lentil leaves mixed in it give this broth its unique taste. It is believed that apart from being rich with flavors, the dish has various advantages as it makes the bones strong and acts as a medicine for such bone ailments. A dish of the old city’s food market, the superlative version is best served at Pal Da Dhaba inside Hathi Gate.

“Food is not just Eating Energy, it is an Experience”. Enjoy this experience with our tours to the city during your visit to the Heritage City. Try some city delights in our Street Food Walking Tour.