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Pul Kanjari – A Forgotten Historic Site in Amritsar

Amritsar held a very prominent place during the era of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1800-1840. Considered to be the Golden Era of Punjab in which Amritsar was fortified, he also used to travel to Lahore frequently and due to that, some places rose to prominence along his way. One of the most historically prominent places and a marvel of architecture near Amritsar, also used as a rest house by the king was Pul Kanjari. One the very few places that have been left in its historic form and well preserved, it has recently caught a lot of attention of the […]
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Amritsar 1 Day Itinerary

Amritsar is a charismatic and historical city that provides many different places of attraction. Amritsar would ideally require two days to explore it to the full extent but if time and other factors allow you only one day’s time to discover the city, this is just for you. The City On Pedals’ 1 day itinerary has been specially crafted to help the travelers explore the most important and popular places of the city including the most famous food places to fuel you for the day. Get Started The day is divided into 2 parts – the first focuses on visiting […]
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A Quick Guide To The Heritage City Of Amritsar

We have done an extensive research and compiled a list of things that every traveler must know before or while traveling to Amritsar. We are committed to reshaping the perspective of Amritsar Tourism and this here is a small token of gratitude to the fellow travelers. Hope this helps. Weather in Amritsar Summer Season It starts in the month of April and lasts until June. The season is very hot and the temperature reaches up to 49 degrees Celsius. Travelers generally avoid this season because of the scorching heat. Monsoon Season July to October marks the monsoon season. The city […]