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A focal point of Sikh faith, a pivot of Punjab politics, a nursery of defense pool, an alert sentinel at the Indo-Pak border, Amritsar is the place where the first Sikh Army was raised by the sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Ji. With its proud past, glorious present and a promising future, Amritsar has a dazzling showcase of composite culture and secular heritage. Amritsar is not just bhangra or Giddha, Sarson ka saag and Makki ki Roti, it is an attitude and a way of life, despite the modern winds blowing, the city still enshrines and exudes its essential cultural identity.

In fact, education in Amritsar is a trendsetter for other Indian states and cities. Being a proud owner of some excellent academic institutes that foster higher education, the state is the endowed with some excellent schools, colleges, universities as well as premier engineering, medical and management institutes. One such Institute is the Khalsa College which is also a glimpse of our rich Heritage preserved in the best of ways. 

A view of Khalsa College
A view of Khalsa College

Hailed as the premier-most institute of higher learning the institute was established by the leaders of Singh Sabha movement in the year 1892. With a vision of taking this institute to the zenith of its success by providing the highest degree of excellence to its youth, the layout of its campus clearly demonstrate the will of its founders.

History Behind Its Establishment

Palace-like architecture
The architecture of the building is no less than a Palace

Built as an educational institute during the British Raj its motive was to provide higher education to Sikhs and Punjabis within Punjab. Amritsar was chosen for its establishment and Singh Sabha Movement and Chief Khalsa Diwan approached the then Sikh Maharajas and Sikh people of Punjab to raise funds and donate land to build this unique institute. People of Amritsar, Lahore and other cities of Punjab including rich Sikh families and Maharajas donated land and raised funds to build Khalsa College first in Amritsar and then second building in Lahore. The architectural design was created by Ram Singh, a famous architect who also designed one of the Palaces in England. Its building was completed in 1911–12. Its architectural features are a mix of British, Mughal and Sikh architect.

The Courses Under This Institute

A multi-faculty Post-graduate Co-educational College, runs degree courses at Graduate, Post-graduate and Research Degree level. Academically affiliated by Guru Nanak Dev University, the building of the college is adjoining the University Campus. With a strive to become one of the profound institutes, it offers plenty of courses for its students. From Agriculture to Chemistry, Bio-technology to Computer science, Economics to Fine Arts it has all under one roof and with the best of faculties. The pride of the college actually lies in its dedicated faculty and disciplined students. It can also boast of its high-tech laboratories, extensive playing grounds, well-stocked and computerized library with a bar code, KYC system. The campus is grand and its architecture par excellence. A sense of beauty and serenity surrounds the atmosphere which contributes extensively towards healthy learning. Students from other states are particularly keen to be a part of this historical college that promotes morality and sobriety of life. The thrust is on giving the students a due recognition to originality, vision and promote creativity at the same time so that they leave not just with a degree but with a sense of pride and achievement of academic and personal accomplishment.

It is believed that “An Educated man is an asset to society“. He can be a harbinger of social, economic and ethical change. The phase after 12th Standard is very crucial in building one’s life. Thus the college aims at the holistic development of its students and offers various extramural and co-curricular activities besides providing a benign and benevolent system to look into the needs and problems of the students.    

Accreditations of College

Being the first college affiliated to Guru Nanak Dev University to have been conferred Autonomous Status, the institute has many laurels under its name. The institute is 

  • NAAC Reaccredited ‘A’ Grade, 
  • ‘College with Potential for Excellence’ Status Conferred by University Grants Commission, 
  • ‘Star Status’ Conferred by Dept. of Bio-Tech., G.O.I., New Delhi. 
  • ISO 9001-2000 Certification & ISO 14001-1996 Certification

Contribution Towards Society

An Institute of Excellence
An Institute of Excellence

Dr. Ganda Singh, former head of the dept. of Sikh History, Khalsa College has written the book “History of Khalsa College Amritsar” in which one can have the entire history of the college listed in it and most of its contributions towards the society. On a broader aspect, the Institute has generated many famous freedom fighters, political leaders, armed forces generals, scientists, famous players-Olympians, actors, writers, journalists and scholars who have earned a name for themselves and bought various laurels to this Institute by bringing it alive and recognized on World Forum. 

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