5 Things to do on Valentine Day in Amritsar

5 Things to do on Valentine's Day in Amritsar

The month of love has already arrived. The Valentine’s week is almost in its final rounds. The Rose day and the chocolate day have already gone. So everyone is preparing to take their dates out on the valentine’s day to spend some time together, to know each more and enjoy each other’s company.

Being an Amritsari startup we always try to serve you the best. Whether it’s about food, places or shopping we always research and come out with the best for you. This time we have come up with a blog that will precisely help to make your Valentine’s Day even more special.

Start with Gurdasram Jalebi Wala

We strongly recommend you to start your day in the purest and sweetest form by having some hot Jalebi form the most famous and oldest Jalebiwala. Ask them if they can make a Heart Shaped Jalebi. Your girl will definitely love the heart-shaped Jalebi. Also, many surveys found that sweets make women happier. Maybe, that was the reason she always asks you for a chocolate.

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Walk around Company Bagh

After having the delicious Jalebi take your date to the Company Bagh and enjoy some quality time together. This will also help you guys to know more about each other. Walking is more effective and enjoyable than the normal bike rides or movies. It’s just You and Her- no noise, no hurry. Who knows by just walking few miles together, you both get to know secrets of each other which no one else ever got to know. After all, love is in the air!

Feed your hunger at Monu Kulcha Hut

It’s noon now, and don’t you want to take her to a lunch date? Be a little desi this time! Take her to the Monu Kulcha Hut and enjoy the tastiest Kulcha of Amritsar. And trust me she’d love that. She loves to be treated normally because that’s a sign for her that you gonna be with her for long. Take only one plate and eat together. Make the moment a little romantic after all it’s the Valentine’s.

After having a romantic and healthy lunch date, go to the rose garden. It’s will be good to spend some more time together under the trees. Sit there and ask things about each other. Tell her your goals about the carrier and ask her dreams about life. Women don’t open up easily so if she tells you that, please note that you are so special to her and she is already serious about you. Cheers boy! You made it.

Sunset: The Rising of your Love story

Nothing can be more lovely than watching the sunset together holding each other’s hands. You two can make a promise of watching every sunset staying together no matter how good or bad the days will be. This can be the most emotional moment for you two during the entire day. Just hold each other’s hands tightly and never let it go. This will surely be the rising of your love story.

Bonus: The day is not over without a late night snack

You can make your day more wonderful by taking her for a long drive on the Airport Road after the sunset. The most amazing idea is to have late night snacks at Ekam Dhaba while returning back to the home.

I hope this blog will help you to spend your day with your loved ones in the most amazing way ever. If I missed out something do let me know in the comment section.

Have a lovely Valentine’s day!

Jitan Kaundal
Jitan Kaundal
I love travelling and writing the experience about the places. Currently in Amritsar and planning to explore India in next few years.