Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour

Allow us to walk you through the historical turn of events, the lives and times of the generations of the locals dwelling in the narrow streets and bylanes of the Old Amritsar with our slow-paced, carefully curated heritage walk. Learn in detail about one of the most exuberant cities in Indian history that has gone through massive transformations, starting from it’s inception in the 16th century, through the Golden Era during the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh followed by the tragedy of the Partition of 1947 and then the 1984 Sikh Massacre and more, each one leaving their mark on the city. Our expert guides will share their research and knowledge about the history of the Sikh religion and some of the ancient battles fought by the rulers, the onset of the British Rule and its impact while we get a sneak peek into the lives of the locals. Also known as Amritsar Food Walk, we will get the opportunity to taste some of the most popular street food items like puri chhole, karah, lassi, and mouthwatering local sweets.

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A glimpse of the excitement on our tour

  • Group of college students on the Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour
  • Couple taking a picture in front of Baba Bohar in the Bartan Bazar of old Amritsar
  • Kids taking a picture in front of an ancient house door during the Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour
  • Tour guide explaining the significance of Thakurdwara Darianamal on the Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour
  • Travelers coming outside of the Akhara Sangalwala in front of the Golden Temple
  • Traveler enjoying a traditional breakfast during the Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour
  • Travelers enjoying the street food of Amritsar during the Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour
  • Group of travelers in the narrow lanes on the Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour


  • Town Hall aka the Partition Museum (starting point)
  • Saragarhi Gurdwara
  • Qila Ahluwalia - an ancient shopping district
  • Ancient Passage (Bangle bazar)
  • Darshan Deori (the hanging Gurdwara)
  • Utensils Market (Bartan bazar)
  • Baba Bohar
  • Thakurdwara Dariana Mal
  • Traditional Mud Wrestling Arena
  • Galliara
  • Sangalwala Akhara
  • Tea export street
  • Jalebiwala Chowk - a traditional Indian sweets crossing
  • Golden Temple Heritage Street
  • Mata Longawala Mandir


  • English speaking guide as tour leader
  • History overview and explanation of famous and interesting sites mentioned in the highlights
  • Local street food tasting (up to 3-4 dishes)
  • Traditional breakfast at a food joint highly popular amongst the locals
  • Sharing of pictures taken by tour leaders
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 5%

What to expect

We will meet at the common assembly point at the Town Hall from 10 min before the start time. We will start our tour once all the guests have arrived. After basic instructions and introduction from our tour leader, we will start our amazing morning and ride off to explore the ancient city of Amritsar.

Firstly, we will look around the Town Hall aka Partition Museum which was established by the British, and take this opportunity to go back to history to learn in brief about stories of India and Pakistan during the event of Partition in 1947.

Moving towards the Heritage Street, we will make a quick stop at the Saragarhi Memorial Gurudwara, which was also built by the British for the Sikh Regiment in the British Indian Army and depicts the heroic story of Saragarhi War of 1897.

We will then visit a fort of one of the old kings of Amritsar, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia, where we will see an old market place reminiscent of an architecture full of brass ceilings, huge wooden doors, old terraces with a city view and a dried community well. Also known as Quila Ahluwalia, we will reimagine the life and times of the then locals who ran Amritsar’s first bustling marketplace, which we now amusingly call an ancient Amritsar Mall before Malls became cool, and is unfortunately now in ruins.

Following our path into the narrow lanes of Amritsar, we will explore some of the hidden gems like Darshani Deori which used to give the first glance of Golden Temple in olden days from around 100m and will see the beautiful limestone painting. We will then witness an incredible 300 years old banyan tree called Baba Bohar growing through 5 different haunted houses. That, incidentally, is also our next street food shop where we will get to taste an extremely popular and irresistible breakfast item of Amritsar called Poori Chhole which is deep-fried bread served with a bowl of chickpea curry and a small amount of pickle.

Walking down the same narrow lane, we will find ourselves in front of a very humble building with an intricately designed door leading us into a beautiful courtyard of the Thakurdwara Dariana Mal. It is reminiscent of an old haveli of a traveler named Dariana Mal who fell in love with the city and got a haveli built for himself. But then he converted it into a public temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple still has a very traditional architecture with colors no different from how it was initially designed and beautiful frescos which can still be seen inside of the temple.

Moving on, we will head towards our next hidden gem spot ie an ancient Shiva Temple. It also houses a mud wrestling arena and has been a practice ground many of India’s renowned wrestlers. From now on, we will walk our way towards near the Golden Temple for our last set of spots on our tour.

We will make a quick stop at Udasin Ashram Akhara Sangal Wala which right in front of the Golden Temple complex. We will learn about this small sect of Sikhism who are indifferent to worldly attachments, a stoic. Only a few locals know about it and some are frequent visitors to this beautiful, colorful and serene setting, to meditate or read books and newspapers.

Walking alongside the Golden Temple complex, we will pass through the Tea Export Street which used the be an exclusive trading hub for tea to Afghanistan and the Middle East from the East of India, unfortunately now no longer in good business health due to the restrictions of trade via the India-Pakistan border. We will end up at the Jalebiwala Chowk where we will get to taste the nostalgic sweet candy from an Indian childhood called Jalebi. It is a flour batter deep fried in desi ghee and served after being dipped in sugar syrup. One bite can make you either love it or love it more.

From there, we will stroll to the Amritsar Heritage Street, relax and try to recall what all just happened in our memorable morning walk. We will bid farewell to all the participants, congratulating everyone on surviving Amritsar’s eclectic and chaotic architecture, culture and food.

Private/Custom tour option

This tour is also available for reservation as a private or custom tour with a similar or modified itinerary, desired start time and duration. Contact us directly with your requirements.

Clothes and accessories

It is recommended to wear comfortable t-shirts, pants, and shoes. Clothes covering full arms and legs are recommended as they are mandatory to enter some of the religious places. During winters, it is also recommended to carry a warm jacket and hand gloves.

Avoid bringing heavy backpacks, camera bags, expensive clothes, and accessories on this tour. Avoid slippers or sandals and loose outfits as it may hinder the walking experience since the roads may not be even or smooth and clean.

Important Information

You must arrange your transportation to the assemble/starting place of the tour. We highly recommend using OLA or Uber as they are more reliable than the regular taxis and have a fair pricing system. In case you are far from the city center, you may want to ask your hotel/host to help you arrange transportation to the assemble/starting place of the tour. We can also help in arranging the transportation but we also mostly rely on OLA for the pickup.

It is important to contact your tour leader at least a day before the tour to make it easy for them to share important updates or changes
  • It is important to contact (call or WhatsApp) your tour leader 5 min before the tour starts if you cannot locate the assemble place. If in case you are going to be late to reach the assemble place, please contact your tour leader immediately
  • Please check the assemble place of your tour carefully. Some of our tours do not start at our hostel. In case you are staying at the hostel, you must gather in the common area at least 20 min before the tour starts so that we can arrange the transportation to the assemble place
  • Please be informed that since some of the tours don’t start from our hostel or may have external dependencies such as cab vendors, there may arise the chances of the tour starting late. We usually take a buffer of 15 minutes and catch up for the loss of time in such cases during the tour
  • Tours in other languages may be offered upon request
Other Information
  • Adult pricing applies to all travelers
  • Recommended not to bring anything heavy with you for a smoother and enjoyable tour. However, you may bring your phones, pocket cameras and some money (in case you would like to buy something on the way)
  • Recommended to leave all other personal belongings at your current place of stay
  • Operates in all weather conditions except rains. If canceled due to poor weather, you will be given the option of an alternative date or full refund
  • Please note that the street food and meals may not conform to recommended national or international standards of hygiene
  • Please advise any specific requirements at the time of booking. eg, allergies in food items, etc.
  • Recommended to use the toilets before joining for the tour
  • Required to accept the conditions mentioned in the WAIVER AND RELEASE OF CLAIM page
Also known as
  • Amritsar Hidden Gems Walking Tour
  • Amritsar Food Walk
  • Amritsar Old City Walk
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The Amritsar Heritage Walking Tour is designed to complement the Amritsar Golden Temple Walking Tour, which offers a deep insight into the Sikh religion and history. Together, both tours present a complete Amritsar experience while offering an exhilarating way to see this magical city.

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