1What should we consider before opting for the City On Pedals tour?
You should have a basic cycling skill! You should not have any major health issues which can hinder your capacity to cycle or move around! However, in most of the other cases you are welcome to join us for our tours.
2How can I book the City On Pedals Bicycle Tours?
You can book the tours by clicking here or chatting with us on messenger (click the messenger logo on the bottom right of your screen).
As for the payment methods, you can opt to pay using any one of the below three-
  1. Paytm
  2. Paypal
  3. Cash - (however, there is a 10% surcharge for cash payments and it is still mandatory to do the reservations in advance)
3Is it necessary to make the reservations for the bicycle tours?
Yes, it is recommended that you make the reservation atleast 48 hours before the desired date. We would like to give you the best experience, so let us know of your arrival early enough and if you have any special requests, we will try our best to cater to those.
4How many travelers can join the bicycle tour?
We take maximum 6 participants in one go. However, if you are a group of more than 5 riders, we also provide private tours with a good deal. For group related queries, please message us using our contact form.
5What should we bring along for the tour?
We will provide water bottles at the beginning of the tour. However, we advise you to carry a small bag in which you can carry your camera and other stuff. It is recommended not to bring anything too expensive like jewellery or lots of cash while on the tour.
6What should the travelers be careful about while on the bicycling in streets of Amritsar?
It is advised that you wear comfortable shoes and avoid open footwear for the tour. Also watch your step as many of the places would not be clean.
7Where does the tour start from? What facilities do you have there?
The tour starts from our Pedals Hub at 210-B Queens Complex, Queens Road, Amritsar. We will be there with our bicycles ready to take you on the fantastic tour. We will also provide water bottles and a small pack of tissue papers. We have a small cloak room where you can keep some minor luggage. However, we strongly recommend you to keep any heavy luggage at your place of stay. Click here for the starting location.
8What should I do if and when I get lost during the tour?
Although one of our tour guides will always be there with you at all times, in case you find yourself in a difficult situation, you must contact us immediately on +91-9356555074. Also, we advise you to note down this number, our email (contact@cityonpedals.com) and our office address on a piece of paper in case your phone runs out of battery.
9How many and what kind of stops will we have during the tour?
We will stop occasionally to taste the various types of traditional food on offer in the old city. We will have around 10-15 food items however, it is not mandatory for you to have it all. You can have it at your own discretion.
10How can I enrich my experience while we bicycle on the streets of Amritsar?
We will take you to a number of picture perfect locations and moments. We recommend that you carry good cameras, go-pros and other utilities. We will happily help you in taking awesome pictures but yes we advise you not to bring tripods